The decompiler was originally written by Jindra Petřík also known as JPEXS.
The application was made in Czech republic Czech flag


  • JPEXS (leader, development of the decompiler, website main admin, github account admin, organization)
  • honfika (development of the decompiler)
  • Paolo Cancedda (former developer)
  • ...other pushers on GitHub or Google Code


  • Jaume Badiella Aguilera (catalan translation)
  • Capasha (swedish translation)
  • 王晨旭 (Chenxu Wang) (chinese translation)
  • focus (russian translation)
  • honfika (hungarian translation)
  • kalip (italian translation)
  • Krock (german translation)
  • Laurent LOUVET (french translation)
  • MaGiC (portugese translation)
  • martinkoza (polish translation)
  • pepka (ukrainian and dutch translation)
  • poxyran (spanish translation)
  • realmaster42 (portugese-brasil translation)
  • Rtsjx (chinese translation)


Also thanks for many users which use our issue tracker actively and report bugs and/or request new features.

Issue tracker

If you find a bug and you want to report it or you want some new features to be implemented, please visit issue tracker. WARNING: There are no active developers now so fixing bugs/implementing features rely solely on community.

Email contact

If you have other questions FFDec related and you insist on not using the tracker, you can contact me via email:
Please do NOT use email to report problems and request new features - use issue tracker instead. You can make the issue private by marking it "Developers only" in the visibility field if you do not want to publish it.
If you still write me about bug/feature, you receive my standard answer "use issue tracker" and I won't send you any other emails. We receive tons of emails and our issue tracker helps us to not get lost or forget to answer. Thanks for understanding. Also please write in english or czech so we can communicate faster.

Other works

FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid Downloader
(I made a few plugins into the file downloader)


You can view my other projects on my homepage at