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  • Installer (Windows) Installer (Windows)ffdec_9.0.0_setup.exe 9,536 KiB windows27148 96131f373d5abd3122f296e1b19765d21a3eac3d a1e97cf58b69ef463a3672795fc9be9f dc1453db5afffddffdf716f2b8feaeb0f59e2eb4a6fd4dc0d107074be7d6e3c5
  • ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) 10,452 KiB windowslinuxmacosx9010 79f37c9398d829a7a087ef50070d789057017465 4bb0865e31a5d844278a1b10b7922d55 a6331d16c6f004a9a3a9afe0871a91a93d8073c6e32fb76f6cd6713248a70095
  • DEB package (Linux) DEB package (Linux)ffdec_9.0.0.deb 10,455 KiB linux966 1bacf4c7c54467e661ebcfafc9c1e054f4d61681 8c09f5ee2f4cfcae937500805b1cd767 ab55f0625806cadc5ae0b5dc7cb20d5253158e1b164c19f70b1993433ae8538b
  • Mac OS X Application (zipped) Mac OS X Application (zipped) 10,455 KiB macosx2796 c7e2b22308e2a5e7c08a419a94f19969a7edadef 0ccb9899d0d7743999857cd5ad03676a 5ae1f154d60747406881114f71e828741830a5f03a121d3f51d275e8ded819b3
  • Library only (Java SE) Library only (Java SE)ffdec_9.0.0_lib.jar 3,121 KiB java553 56123d767d5d75c71168d9b590e46116575f04f8 862ddd448c37018a619616a3d2eea6af 8c68309a7a0607517376ac8a659bc93377470ffa414e659cd6288c2d75742860

FFDec Application is licensed with GNU/GPL v3, you can view license here.
FFDec Library is licensed with GNU/LGPL v3, you can view library license here.

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Want to try fresh unstable BETA version? Download nightly build


Program needs Java Runtime Enviroment 1.8 or later. If you do not have one, you can download it for free at
On Windows: It is recommended to have Flash Player ActiveX component installed. Use FFDec Installer - it will automatically check for these and install it for you.

How to install

  • Windows - download EXE installer and follow instructions. It should detect installed Java and FlashPlayer ActiveX component too.
  • Linux - download ZIP version, unpack it to directory of your needs. To run application, start
  • Mac OS X - download Mac OS X application, unpack it to directory of your needs. You will probably see message that FFDec comes from unidentified developer. To open this kind of app, right click the app directory and click open and confirm open in the confirmation dialog (Look here for details)

How to uninstall

  • Windows - Go to startmenu and from the "JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" group, click on "Uninstall JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" icon and follow directions.
  • Linux/MacOS - just delete FFDec directory

Do you like FFDec?

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