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  • Installer (Windows) Installer (Windows)ffdec_8.0.1_setup.exe 9,347 KiB windows69807 37b3ca5619ffba91551689801de460c7f46e4952 1fe6631fe7b267eda97c80f899f6f505 69394bcdc914d1733a8a9a3b684f22c94c83837925635d2a3f9b1925a6f72bde
  • ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) 10,263 KiB windowslinuxmacosx22853 055d9afac315b3cf8570747354d53a8cb539c7e9 3c0079ad59b9d61cbd4f73a6e45a440f 5d89c2d1091479acee27e6bccb37a6f2c6e785ee52cc72dd1ac1bcd0d7140c6e
  • DEB package (Linux) DEB package (Linux)ffdec_8.0.1.deb 10,266 KiB linux2445 aa32a3fded7f080c37927e6f77568e948b3d9451 e7f669576c3c5b051481a442ab8290b9 7f04c7cdac561596e44462448f9ae45177c2409652bda8662008cc6249f73f11
  • Mac OS X Application (zipped) Mac OS X Application (zipped) 10,267 KiB macosx5950 f1fcb355cb5e5ab7046222cde99f6125b5102731 a3b83438645b0617103c1645d033fd2c 8790fc00e9505f417a26f92bd190498d12e9e4ab63108b4e067aad0a505ecc12
  • Library only (Java SE) Library only (Java SE)ffdec_8.0.1_lib.jar 2,978 KiB java1208 a3be269bcc42c3c86a9c8a8fd5fe7ef04019104f 56017f786487afbbb08740384ea3e089 ee5fd728b7f7a30b0c9eb0e54a4d468fd46a24adef56932305ef3d8ca92b1e58

FFDec Application is licensed with GNU/GPL v3, you can view license here.
FFDec Library is licensed with GNU/LGPL v3, you can view library license here.

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Want to try fresh unstable BETA version? Download nightly build


Program needs Java Runtime Enviroment 1.8 or later. If you do not have one, you can download it for free at
On Windows: It is recommended to have Flash Player ActiveX component installed. Use FFDec Installer - it will automatically check for these and install it for you.

How to install

  • Windows - download EXE installer and follow instructions. It should detect installed Java and FlashPlayer ActiveX component too.
  • Linux - download ZIP version, unpack it to directory of your needs. To run application, start
  • Mac OS X - download Mac OS X application, unpack it to directory of your needs. You will probably see message that FFDec comes from unidentified developer. To open this kind of app, right click the app directory and click open and confirm open in the confirmation dialog (Look here for details)

How to uninstall

  • Windows - Go to startmenu and from the "JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" group, click on "Uninstall JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" icon and follow directions.
  • Linux/MacOS - just delete FFDec directory

Do you like FFDec?

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