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  • Installer (Windows) Installer (Windows)ffdec_10.0.0_setup.exe 9,734 KiB windows194043 c2d004c9dafad1ea0b4cd7e280dc8e50c7293925 42f8f664d123166979fbaae8998302d3 9a72d1f9a4221e944c69eee6239216cefd3ea0c845cd39762e237359873819e6
  • ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) 10,673 KiB windowslinuxmacosx90222 c69e943d8e1beb1178efd7d317ad51cf239e931d ee4056ee3150d2a253ccf02546333c1b 65b21255da82206d4cf174431692823fbea2cd3ad62f8e99865aa6569966aa72
  • DEB package (Linux) DEB package (Linux)ffdec_10.0.0.deb 10,676 KiB linux10658 a22a4582c685319c4486bd6729910ddd33fbeace db09c7cebf120a44e975f361bbc20889 c3aa860aa04935a50a98acb076819deb24773e5cc299db20612e8ef037825827
  • Mac OS X Installer (pkg) Mac OS X Installer (pkg)ffdec_10.0.0.pkg 10,679 KiB macosx9618 594d7b94e61928b38aac3fa1b08264f178b4fd1e eec0907cf256abfa01f48844fb4fd854 895e72435c3b88f874d6dfd1086d218b10049949b0cefd3046b8bb540b1c440a
  • Mac OS X Application (zipped) Mac OS X Application (zipped) 10,676 KiB macosx12213 60818c72335c1ede351710588a4b7eea988743b4 f44d415f1ac95fe89173a4a2f0d15896 048b1cda35152aae785ee453bdb31049c321ed5966c909fa6800f23037ec7506
  • Library only (Java SE) - Zipped Library only (Java SE) - 3,068 KiB java6547 24fa9b2d7cfdf8f9e8e51742bf43da4c0857148c 7372b128c5c0d01e043098a1885be007 3db634edb1b3223b3eec9bc0c88b645a21c5471f814606cd5a1f38f6b40830e6
  • Library only (Java SE) Library only (Java SE)ffdec_10.0.0_lib.jar 3,284 KiB java5016 771483722d932c20aa784438b0edc556e07e579e a7e6cd678a1d2c5fc6c71c100251cd7c 6cf55dd1fc7f46b8fff3786dcd7134aebdebadd8e63773854ecf6b300e59c491

FFDec Application is licensed with GNU/GPL v3, you can view license here.
FFDec Library is licensed with GNU/LGPL v3, you can view library license here.

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Program needs Java 1.8 or later.
Windows/Linux: If you do not have Java, you can download Java Runtime Environment installer for free at
Mac OS X: Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8 is required. If you do not have it, you can download it at Oracle JDK 8 download page
ActiveX on Windows: It is recommended to have Flash Player ActiveX component installed.
FFDec Installer on Windows will check for both those two automatically and install it for you.

How to install

  • Windows - download EXE installer and follow instructions. It should detect installed Java and FlashPlayer ActiveX component too.
  • Linux debian based - download and install deb package. It depends on Java 8 from Oracle or OpenJDK. To run application, start
  • other Linux - ensure you have Java 8 installed (Both OpenJDK8 and Oracle should work). Download ZIP version, unpack it to directory of your needs. To run application, start
  • Mac OS X - ensure you have Oracle JDK8 installed. Download zipped Mac OS X application. In Finder, right click downloaded file and select "Open". Message that FFDec comes from unidentified developer will appear. Click "Open" button in that dialog. (Look here for details)
  • others with Java SE 8 - download ZIP version, unpack it to directory of your needs. To run application, run 'java -jar ffdec.jar' in the app directory.

How to uninstall

  • Windows - Go to startmenu and from the "JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" group, click on "Uninstall JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler" icon and follow directions.
  • Linux debian based - uninstall deb package as you usually do. 'sudo dpkg -r ffdec' should probably do the trick.
  • others installed from ZIP - just delete FFDec directory/app

Do you like FFDec?

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