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FFDec comes with built-in proxy server. With the proxy, you can catch SWF files while surfing the web in your webbrowser. These SWF files can then be edited inplace and served again via the proxy.

Proxy window


  1. Open Proxy from tools panel in ribbon menu on the top. New dialog will pop up which looks like image above.
  2. Set port number which proxy listens to. Default value is 55555.
  3. Press Start proxy.
  4. Set up your browser to use this proxy.
    You must set the browser proxy to "localhost" and port you specified (55555).
    (Tutorials for Firefox, Chrome, IE )
  5. Check the content types you want to intercept.
    Check SWF checkbox at the bottom to sniff SWF files (application/x-shockwave-flash MIME type).
    The second option is to sniff general binary files (application/octet-stream MIME type)
  6. Navigate browser to some URL, if the page loads successfully, proxy works
  7. Goto some page with Flash content. You should now see new URL added to the list on the central panel.
  8. Double click item on the list or press Open to open it in FFDec.
  9. Feel free to do edits and then press save button. Changes are saved to cache. If you reload page, you should see modified content.
  • Warning: FFDec cannot intercept HTTPS. SWFs from URLs starting with "https:" won't be catched.
  • If the list is large, you can make it empty again with Clear. Or you can delete only some items with Remove.
  • If the page changes SWF url often (adds random number for example), use Rename to change SWF address and replace changing parts with star (*).
    Example: =>*
  • Time in the first column is time when item was last accessed
  • There is file size in second column
  • If your page contains flash and you still cannot see it in the list, try clearing browser cache first or disable cache in your browser entirely.
  • You can copy selected web addresses to clipboard by clicking Copy URL
  • For exporting catched SWFs to files on your disk, click button Save as...
  • Replace... button can be used to change catched SWF content with other SWF file from your drive.
  • The list of catched SWFs can be sorted by specific column. Just click column header.