Search Browsers Cache

Search browser cache tool can open SWFs stored in cache of webbrowsers, which was previously opened through them.

Search browser cache window


  1. Select "Search browsers cache" from tools panel on the top ribbon menu. New dialog should appear similar to image above.
  2. In new window after some loading time, you should see list of cached SWFs
  3. Double click SWF in the list or click Open to open SWF in FFDec
  • You can filter SWF urls by entering text in the field on the top
  • Press Save to open save dialog to export SWF to disk.
  • Press Refresh list to reload list of cache items

Supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (+Chromium)
In Firefox, you must close browser first to cache become actual.

This feature was removed in 7.x because we cannot keep updating browser cache formats

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