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To be specific the feature that allows to edit action script code w/o decompiling SWF to FLA is
truly amazing!
You can't even imagine how your software helped me in my work, best software and its completely
free. Thanks you very much, and wish you best of luck!
how many Megabites does JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler needs?
Also:i think this will be awesome for what will i do(try to decompile some flash games to discover
unused things that i may find)
It's about 20 MB size when installed.
JPEXS (Owner)
Great work! Running fine on Windows 10.
All the best.
Awesome work, really. I needed to extract sprites from a game, it took me 5 minutes while I knew
nothing about how to do that. And on LINUX!
Absolutely awesome! Keep up with the good work!
Dat boi
Hi. I tried edit iggy fonts via jpexs tool for my translation project but game is crashed. Sadly I
dont know what to do. Can you help me?
Absolute great stuff, keep it up! Thank you very much! I wished i could spend money with
Atze Fatze
Great software! Thank you guys for your effort of this incredible product. Much appreciate that!

Best regards of a long term Flash Developer
Flash Developer
This program is just terrible, it keeps telling me that I can`t use it beacuse I have a 32-bit Java
on a 64-bit system when that`s 100% not true, I`ve checked and my java version is exactly 64-bit,
I`ve even re-downloaded it multiple times to make sure its truly 64-bit and it definetly is, yet the
program doesn`t work at all for me and its excuse for doing so is something that is definetly not
true at all, this is just ridicolously frustrating.
You mean this message?
"OutOfMemory error occurred. You are running 32bit Java on 64bit system. Please use 64bit Java"

Could you please create an issue in the issue tracker, and attach a screenshot of your task manager
which shows that your processs is 64 bit? On the column settings select the platform column.
And do you have Sable Java 8 64bit? Are you sure that Java 32bit is not installed?
Thanks for the response and sorry for taking so long to reply, I`ll create that issue as soon as I
There you go, I send you the issue alongside 3 different screenshots, thanks for your consideration.