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having a hard time with this program
Excuse me, but it would be possible to create DoActions from scratch using JPEXS? I wanted to create
new maps in an RPG game called MARDEK RPG
Hey there people. Is there any way to export list of assets connected to a swf frame as a json or
xml file? Just to get all of the assigned framelables, buttons and shapes on the frame. Im writing a
thing that kinda automatically converts one of the older games I have played into a readable json,
and it was super easy to automatically convert dialogue using actionscript export, but I cant
automatically connect scripts without getting labels and connected buttons.

I want to get this stuff as a list. I could do that manually but due to the ammount of frames it
would probably be easier to automate it somehow
Hello dear devoloper. First of all thanks for your JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler work. (: We're
working with Dishonored 2 localization project. At the end, we're triyng to export the texts and the
fonts. Everythings looks okay, but sometimes game crashes or not, and some people says that their
game never crashes. So we're investigated all from so long iime, looks like everyhing is okay with
our exporting but looks like something not right with your JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler software.
We're sure we did everyting right in work but it causes to crashes in some people' experience. We're
need your help. Thanks.
Something not right with exporting .iggy font files via JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
With saving*
Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately iggy format is undocumented and we no longer have appropriate
knowledge to test it or fix it. Also we stopped the decompiler development. Maybe someone will
someday continue iggy support, but currently I don't see it possible. :-(
JPEXS (Owner)
Ah, I see. By the way, thanks for answer.
So... There is a piece of code in the P- section. It controls two different variables with the same
value. Is there a way to make it control only one of them and add a new piece of code that controls
the other? Each having individual values.
Adding new scripts is not available in FFDec. (Only new traits in AS3)
Also I do not clearly understand what you want with the variables, but maybe somebody other will
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello. How to export PNG with transparent background?
Try downloading nightly build for sprite exporting.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi Team, Good day.
I am a part of public limited company and the company has its own website for the employees. They
have a training module in the company website which is built using .swf file.
Now the requirement is to update the existing training module and in order to do so, I need to
update the .swf files. In this case can I use your tool for free of cost to update our .swf files?
This tool is very helpful for me in updating the existing .swf file by updating the text and
In shore requirement is to update the .swf file in a limited company, as a developer can I use your
free software.
our tool is free and we do not limit any usage of what swf files can and cannot be edited. In some
countries, reverse engineering and/or editing may be not legal on content you do not own, so make
sure its your content or your country laws allow it.

It seems like the SWF files you are talking about are from your company so I don't see any problem
why not to edit it if there's a requirement from the company.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thanks for the quick response
Rightly said by you that as the .swf files belongs to my company and they want to update the same.
However customer wanted to make sure from the developer (myself in this case) that the tool I am
using to decompile there .swf in this case JPEXS is absolutely free to use for editing purpose.
Client want to make sure JPEXS has no objection to make as we use this tool to update companies own
.swe file.
Do you have any objection from your side, If as a developer I use your tool JPEXS in my company just
to edit/create .swf file?
I do not have any objection.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thank you a lot for your great software, i just discovered it this morning and it runs very well,
thus far, I believed that extracting pictures from swf was impossible so thousand thanks !!!

Have a fancy day
Is there a way to ignore errors? I keep getting an error saying semicolon expected when trying to
edit actionscript and I want to ignore it so I can save.
Editing ActionScript directly is experimental, it contains bugs (See warning when clicking a
Errors cannot be anyway skipped since it must be compiled into binary code.
Use P-code editation (on the right side) when you want precise editation.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello !!! thank you very much for your work, it is excellent thank you thank you! my question is if
you know any program similar to this one: 1- Swivel - SWF-to-Video converter:
or to this one that does not have an x64 version: Swf2Video Converter Pro

From already thank you very much
I can't recommend anything, I don't use such softwares, maybe someone else who reads the questbook
will help.
JPEXS (Owner)
Software is so bad, not decompiling swf. fcking why obfucated swfs..
I am sorry you are unhappy with our product. We did our best to work with obfuscated SWFs - try
Settings/Automatic deobfuscation. Or you can go through loaders via Settings/Open loaded SWFs while

We are not updating FFDec anymore, but if you register in our issue tracker, you can send us your
SWF file for examination.
(You must use different email address, since HotMail blocks us) I can then tell you what's wrong
with the particular file.
JPEXS (Owner)
Great job, congratulations!
This tool is perfect, it is very useful.

Thank you so much !
Hello thank you for creating such a program as it is jpex has been of great help but, when an action
script file is protected as I can unlock or edit it? thanks for reading my question
1) obfuscated ActionScript usually can be displayed and edited in FFDec.
2) Swf files contained in other SWF files are usually encrypted using loader.
You must create an unpack tool to decrypt these first before opening in FFDec.

I already sent you answer by mail (preffered contact).
JPEXS (Owner)
I did not succeed in replacing a script with another script through the graphical user interface
because the import option did not work.
I used the following command later and encountered an error:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\FFDec\ffdec.bat" -replace "D:\TVecSwf\scripts\"
"D:\test\TVecProject.swf" "scripts\TVec"
See issue #1483 for answer -
JPEXS (Owner)
I did not succeed in replacing a script with another script through the graphical user interface
because the import option did not work.
I used the following command later and encountered an error:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\FFDec\ffdec.bat" -replace "D:\TVecSwf\scripts\"
"D:\test\TVecProject.swf" "scripts\TVec"
Velice rád bych poděkoval za úžasný software. Děkuji a přeji hodně zdaru. S láskou, Robin
Robin Hakl
Thank you so much for this software, clearest and easiest to use I've ever found, and completely
Keep the great work done!
C'est le printemps
To be specific the feature that allows to edit action script code w/o decompiling SWF to FLA is
truly amazing!
You can't even imagine how your software helped me in my work, best software and its completely
free. Thanks you very much, and wish you best of luck!
how many Megabites does JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler needs?
Also:i think this will be awesome for what will i do(try to decompile some flash games to discover
unused things that i may find)
It's about 20 MB size when installed.
JPEXS (Owner)
Great work! Running fine on Windows 10.
All the best.
Awesome work, really. I needed to extract sprites from a game, it took me 5 minutes while I knew
nothing about how to do that. And on LINUX!
Absolutely awesome! Keep up with the good work!
Dat boi
Hi. I tried edit iggy fonts via jpexs tool for my translation project but game is crashed. Sadly I
dont know what to do. Can you help me?
Absolute great stuff, keep it up! Thank you very much! I wished i could spend money with
Atze Fatze
Great software! Thank you guys for your effort of this incredible product. Much appreciate that!

Best regards of a long term Flash Developer
Flash Developer
This program is just terrible, it keeps telling me that I can`t use it beacuse I have a 32-bit Java
on a 64-bit system when that`s 100% not true, I`ve checked and my java version is exactly 64-bit,
I`ve even re-downloaded it multiple times to make sure its truly 64-bit and it definetly is, yet the
program doesn`t work at all for me and its excuse for doing so is something that is definetly not
true at all, this is just ridicolously frustrating.
You mean this message?
"OutOfMemory error occurred. You are running 32bit Java on 64bit system. Please use 64bit Java"

Could you please create an issue in the issue tracker, and attach a screenshot of your task manager
which shows that your processs is 64 bit? On the column settings select the platform column.
And do you have Sable Java 8 64bit? Are you sure that Java 32bit is not installed?
Thanks for the response and sorry for taking so long to reply, I`ll create that issue as soon as I
There you go, I send you the issue alongside 3 different screenshots, thanks for your consideration.
Is there any list of possible instructions for p-code with explanations, apply to action script 2
Check the SWF File Format Specification. You can find the URL on the Links page:
Just wanted you to know that this is an awesome soft. Thanks!
When is there coming a new update? 10.0.0 have some issues and I need to use Nightly Builds.
Great software! But I think if you want to add some new things in SWF, add a Class is necessary, I
hope you can adopt
I was need to edit some swf using script and editing it in XML was seems to be the only option. I've
tried several flash editors that supports converting via command line. Only FFDEC can convert swf to
xml then back to swf without troubles. Thanks a lot.
Hey there,

Awesome software!!! However, when trying to playback an swf file which loads external txt file and
swf files, these resources are not loaded even though they are in the same directory as the main
swf. The final swf works fine after recompile, it just doesn't work in the editor. Is this a known
issue? Looking at Issue #1129 it seems that one of the developers mentioned this was perhaps not
implemented a year ago. If so, would it be suitable to submit into the issue tracker?
If exists any action script 2 to p-code converter? When I edit action script 2 source code directly,
often my swf behaves differently than my edits. But when I edit only p-code, all is fine.
Unfortunately edit p-code is too hard in most situations.
AS to PCode converter is called compiler:)
You can use any AS compiler to convert AS to PCode, for example Adobe Flash Builder or Adobe Animate
(For AS2 you should use earlier version).

For changing the code of a method I think it is possible, but if you want to define new methods, it
won't be easy to put it back to your swf with FFDec.
Hi .
I have one doubt
How can I edit auto action scrip in swf file using jpexs swf decompiler..
When I open auto action scrip file in swf . And click on edit . It asks to specify some folders
plz helpppp ..... 😢
Yes, you need to download some files from Adobe website. See footer of the configuration dialog for
information where to download them.
JPEXS (Owner)
I am trying to edit auto action scrip in swf file using jpexs swf decompiler...
For this I download all needed Adobe flash programmes like flash projector and so on
Also mentioned its path in path directory of jpexs swf decompiler ....
Now my doubt is after that what should I do to edit ( change some name) auto action scrip ...
Pls help me lol plz helpppp
I am trying to edit auto action scrip in swf file using jpexs swf decompiler...
For this I download all needed Adobe flash programmes like flash projector and so on
Also mentioned its path in path directory of jpexs swf decompiler ....
Now my doubt is after that what should I do to edit ( change some name) auto action scrip ...
Pls help me lol plz helpppp
Press the edit button below the decompiled action script. Change the code, and press the Save
The AS direct edit is an Experimental feature, it contains several bugs, so for smaller change you
should use the PCode editing (right panel)
And please do not spam the guestbook, create (question) issue in the issue tracker.
I'm interested in helping out with the translation to Croatian.
Please read this page:
I am interested in helping out with the translation of JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler into my native
language. What should I do?
About Localization
Which is your native language? First please read this page:
Hey there! Is there a way to view comments in SWF code?
What comments do you mean?

I just want to thank you very much for this tool! Keep up the good work!
Do a non-java version pls, java is shit
please can you add another download server like mediafire or sourcefourge cause the github crash
download if it stop just for 1 second
Excellent software, very useful and easy to work, congratulations to the creators.
Mark Albert

Has development stopped on ffdec?

I notice there has been no new commits in over 4 months?

Thanks anyway for a great program :o)
there are new commits, but you must look into dev branch. Nightly builds are newly released from dev
branch instead of master. There is still not much new in those commits, but commits exist.
JPEXS (Owner)
I released 10.0.0 version right now, you should see new changes in master now. But will continue in
dev branch...
JPEXS (Owner)
Thanks for the quick reply, explanation and also the update

Keep up the good work and thanks again for the BEST SWF decompiler!
I am trying to edit auto action scrip in swf file using jpexs swf decompiler...
For this I download all needed Adobe flash programmes like flash projector and so on
Also mentioned its path in path directory of jpexs swf decompiler ....
Now my doubt is after that what should I do to edit auto action scrip ...
Pls help me lol plz helpppp
help me i have this Problem:

* Decompilation error
* Timeout (5 minutes) was reached
throw new flash.errors.IllegalOperationError("Not decompiled due to timeout");
When Installing ffdec*.deb package say dependency Oracle Java8 Jre not installed yet when open
program work well when open ffdec. I've also already installed Java Oracle 8 before installing
How Can I Solve It?

Instead when Open ffdec.jar version say no manifest and don't open it.

So Result I can't use stably currently ffdec because system when update remove in automatic
unresolved dependencies, so it's mean remove ffdec also if it's work well.
I think we fixed this earlier in the nightly build, so download it and it should work.
JPEXS (Owner)
How do I create script folders in AS2?
In current version you cannot create new scripts. You can only edit existing scripts.
JPEXS (Owner)
Is it possible change or substitute shapes? Thanks for all this good job!
You can change shapes by direct editation (right click - raw edit) but it is very hard. You can
import shapes from SVG as far as I remember. But not every SVG feature is supported.
JPEXS (Owner)
Is there any way to open more than one instance of this program? If I click the .exe it just goes to
the already open window.
Please read this:
Is there a way to get more than basic tag info or edit any of that basic tag info?
You can right click any tag and select "Raw edit". Then there is tree with (almost) all fields the
tag contains - and when you press Edit button on the bottom, then you can edit it aswell.
JPEXS (Owner)
How do I remove a shape without removing all dependencies? I know that there are two options but
even when I click the one that just says "remove" a window still comes up saying "are you sure you
want to remove (shape name here) and all objects that depend upon it?"
The shape was tagged as DefineShape if that helps.
(I am sure honfika will answer soon, since it's his feature)
JPEXS (Owner)
Remove with dependencies removes all the character tags which uses that shape. The other remove
removes only the placeobject tags from the dependent characters.
I think removing the tag without changing anything else would be also handy. We should consider
adding it as new menu item. An user asked for example replacing definesprite and in case the remove
tag removes all dependencies, replacing task is way harder.
JPEXS (Owner)
_global["\x06\x07\x06\x07"] = function()
var _loc4_ = [5,0];
var _loc5_ = _url.substr(_url.indexOf("://") + 4,-1);
_loc5_ = _loc5_.substr(0,_loc5_.indexOf("/"));
while(0 < _loc4_.length)
§§push(_global.§\x04\x05\x04\x05§(_loc4_[0]) == _loc5_);
§§pop()._X = §§pop();
return true;
_loc3_ = §§pop() + 1;
return false;

how to edit this code
1) You can enable "Automatic deobfuscation" option in the Settings tab. This might remove some of
the §§push/§§pop instructions (see FAQ), code then will be more readable
2) The code uses nonstandard identifier names (standard=only letters+numbers) You can see these in
the code in §identifier§ syntax (see FAQ page). You can try Rename invalid identifiers feature on
Tools tab, but I won't recommend it much since it may break the SWF file. Anyway, editation of such
Actionscripts in FFDec should work no matter if the identifiers are normal or nonstandard. FFDec
compiler detects §syntax§ and allows you to save it.
3) If you are experiencing problems saving this code in FFDec, please let us know in our Issue
tracker - we can then fix our decompiler.
JPEXS (Owner)
import script can import only as1/2 scriptss I from china
import script can import only as1/2 scriptss
No, it can import AS3, too. But it can import only already existing scripts/classes. So it is the
bulk version of the AS1/2/3 editing.
i cant figure out for the life of me how to change sound or images with files of my own. how do i do
that? im sure there has to be a way.
There should be "Replace" button under the sound or image.
JPEXS (Owner)
could you maybe give me a screenshot to show me where that would be? i cant find it anywhere.
I can't send you anything via Guestbook.
Please create an issue in our issue tracker, we will solve your problem there.
We've got a nice submit form where you can fill all necessary information you didn't provide via
Otherwise I can't help you, sorry.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi, I would like to run this on my Mac, which is running on Osx version 10.9.5 but when I open it it
pops up on the menu bar for a second and then closes. is there a way to get around this issue?


Unfortunately, installing/running FFDec on Mac is a bit pain for nonexperienced users and the bad
thing is that I don't have a Mac, so it is really hard to fix something that brokes on Mac, sorry
We have got some instructions on the bottom of download page which lead to this link: but I cannot confirm
that that will work for you, sorry.

I silently hope that it does not affect all Mac users, that it is only your machine/experience

We had an installer for Mac too, but we dropped it since we cannot test it ourselves on Mac.
JPEXS (Owner)
used it to test an obfuscator, it works quite well where most of commercials soft crash :),
performance is quite impressive, nice work
Is possible extract swf from exe?
It might be possible. In openfile dialog select type "all files (binary search)".
Or alternatively you can drag and drop the file into FFDec window
JPEXS (Owner)
It's a really userful program!
I could finally mod a game that took me over 2 years of fails with other software!
Thank you pretty much!
Thank you for continuing this program. I use this for modding a game and it's essential! Hope you
figure out how to fix the actionscript editing problems.
Master Wex
Thanks for this wonderfull piece of software and what is amazing is you keep it developing and FREE
Just Thanks, keep it Up
Thanks for making such useful program open source!

Thanks for nice app, Im really happy for its made by Czech people!

To my question, I want in SWF ActionScript a change an one variable, from true to false. I tried it
with an experimental edit mode, but its not work (of course, big project). So I want to ask, is
possible to make this "little" change in other way? (HEX edit or something)

Hello (ahoj!)
I will write in english since it can help more people.
You can edit the script more safely on the right panel.
On the left(central) panel, you edit the script directly - it is compiled with our compiler which is
buggy. On the right panel you edit P-code = AS assembler, which can be put back to binary code
easily, so use the Edit button on the right to achieve safer results.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thanks for fast reply!
Yeah, after I write this, I saw it in app, problem is, its can edit only variable definitions.
For more describe,
The variable is bool, what its true when verification failed. I found where its changing to true, so
I need to edit this. So its possible to change this value some way? Then I got idea if I set the
variable as constant, so still false, but I think it will be doing a wrong things when script try to
change it.

Marek Kraus
Ok, then there is
x = true; somewhere in the central panel. Click the "true" and it should hilight it on the
rightpanel. There is usually pushtrue instruction. Edit it on right panel to pushfalse instruction.
It needs a bit of assembly knowledge. I know this is not very easy to do... maybe we can implement
some simple expression replacement tool (?).
I am afraid I cannot you help more. Use issue tracker for more talk, it is more user friendly than
JPEXS (Owner)

I want to scrap some flash enabled website but my limitation is that I am working on java 7. Is it
possible to use your software.

Ashutosh Kejriwal
Latest version which supports Java 7 is version 4.1.0. You can download it in the download archive
You want to use FFDec Library on a server, or why can't you use it on any other machine which has
Java 8?
I don't recommend you to use old versions. Newer versions are much better.
We use some of the Java 8 features in the code.
The decompiler is opensource - you can create your own branch on GitHub and update the code to not
use Java 8 features, but I guess it is a lot work to do. Then you can use it with Java 7.
We (me+honfika) won't help you with this task, sorry, but maybe you find some developers interested
on the internet.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi! Really would like to try out Your Flash decompiler. When starting ffdec it gives me the error
message that it needs Java 1.8, which is clear to me. Then it opens a window in the standard browser
to download a JRE from Oracle.

I am using jPortable (from Portable Apps), actually the fully fledged Java without naggging from

Is it possible to change this behaviour, e.g. integrate a dialogue field/directory tree to this
error message to insert a path to the JRE and check it?

Something like this:
"This application requires JRE 1.8.0"

"If JRE 1.8.0 is already installed, post the path here:"
[ <dir path> ] [button "check"]

If a path is given, ffdec might check for the JRE if it fits. When no path is given or the JRE does
not fit - message like "No compatible JRE found present, please download a recent JRE.". Plus
download link opened in browser.

Seems easy(?) to do on my own, but I will not mess with the source for I am not so fancy with just
hacking along, sorry. It is *Your* code, after all.

But I may check the snippets on Github later to see how You would add such stuff, out of curiosity.
: )

For the time being - is there any possibility to give a path to ffdec, e.g. a config file???

Thanks, JR
Juan Doros
I am assuming you are running Windows - "ffdec.exe". We use third party tool to create EXE file to
run the Java app. We do not have much control of how Java is detected. We will need to write our
EXE with detection to allow this. I am not really into it because programming something outside
is a bit pain for me, but maybe somebody can do it... You can add an issue in our issue tracker and
we may discuss it more there. Guestbook is not a good place for talking about new feature requests.
Also you can always run ffdec.jar with your own java or modify ffdec.bat to fit your needs, but
it is not much portable then.
JPEXS (Owner)
No support for MXML.
Huge drawback.
It would be very good if it decompile MXML like premium sothink product. Then probably no one will
buy their product :)
Dipayan Dey
I already tried to implement sort of MXML generation, but it is a lot work to do. I must learn how
MXML works first (I am not a flash programmer), learn each of its feature and then investigate how
it's compiled.
It is generally possible, but I need to be in the right mood to dive deep into it :-).
JPEXS (Owner)
FFDec can't debug swf version 14?
why do you think so?
If something does not work, please use issue tracker, add an issue and attach your SWF file there.
We will take a look why it does not work and try to fix it.
JPEXS (Owner)
I'm sorry I made a mistake. It can work well!
Thank you!
Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing tool. I've used this to debug my SWF's, learn how things
work, recover lost source files, and maybe hack a few Flash games :P

Great piece of software, please keep it up!!
As far as I understood, JPXES doesn't support AIR application debugging?
The debugger in FFDec supports only SWF files which can be played in standalone debug flash player.
I don't know how air application is executed. Probably FFDec can't debug it.
JPEXS (Owner)
Exporting selected frames as PDF doesn't work. It creates a pdf document 454 bytes. After exported,
PDF is not readable.
Please use issue tracker to report problems. Attach your SWF there.
JPEXS (Owner)
This is an excellent project!
I hope the command line tool has some extra functions: list file and export a specific file by
giving the path.
Export a specific file is possible, check the command line help. What do you mean about "list file"?
If you have any question, please create a question issue in the issue tracker.
Yes!! Thank you guys!
Chris Halden
Terrific software and help from your developers! Is it OK to seek Flash developer services here from
either the developers or visitors (for mods to existing Flash apps)?
Peter J
Rather not. There are a lot places on the internet where you can get better help than here. We just
want to fix or improve our decompiler. Our time is very limited.
We can't assist you to mod any game. We can only fix the decompiler if you find modding related bug.
But you can't expect us to try to understand how your SWF works. Sorry :-(.
JPEXS (Owner)
It's not a game that I'm trying to modify - and I understand if you don't want to get into doing
mods yourself (JPEXS developers), but what about visitors to this site? I'm sure that some of them
are highly qualified and may be interested in doing some moonlighting. There's always something to
learn from someone's creative genius!
Peter J
Yes, you're right.
The forum would be definitely handy for users/visitors.
But for forum we need admins, moderators, forum rules, stable server.
Also I am afraid we would then need to check where those SWF files come from to decide whether we
(or other users) can work on it or not.
In current issue tracker, we just load the SWF files in decompiler and fix the decompiler bugs, we
generally don't care where the SWF file came from because we just update the decompiler, not the SWF
file. We do not change any SWF files ourselves, users do.
We just develop a tool. Like knives. They are good for slicing bread. We just make knives. You want
us to make a forum where somebody will help other users to use knife. But there can be posts about
putting knife into someones throat, how to kill somebody, how to slit a cat in the half. There must
be moderators and somebody deciding which use is correct and legal.

I'd like to stay making the knives. If somebody comes and tells that the knife erodes when in
contact in blood then I'd try to improve the knive technology to be resistant to blood. I don't care
whether he wants to kill somebody or just slice meat to make steak. I just want my knives to be

If you find any good site which helps this way with moding, we can link it somewhere (The site must
look a bit legal).
JPEXS (Owner)
I never thought of a SWF decompiler as a bloody knife! Slicing cats in half? :O Maybe you can become
a butcher in your later years! ;) Are you related to Vlad the Impaler? (just kidding)
Scared Peter J
thanks man !
Jordan Lauzon
Thanks for the great tool. How I can remove the trait property or method?
There's no button for it. You can do it with direct editing (Edit button on the left side), but it's
JPEXS (Owner)
This I found out. But this method does not work in my case. It would be very convenient to remove
the trait in the traits list.
Then please add a feature request to our issue tracker. We can then implement it.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thank you!!. I just needed to change an image inside an swf file and your program saved me from
buying expensive software :-)
thank you
wooo thanx
Good God!! Where were you all my life? A lot more powerful and a hell of a lot more functional than
any commercial tool I've used.
Convenient Interface!
Does what you want it to do, no BS!
Free and Open Source!
can any one help me pls some swf not showing imege and text how can i edit edit

but its have binarydata
Please create an issue in the issue tracker, and attach your file.
I wish you all the best in the New Year and thx for a great bit of freeware. Well Built, fast and
very useful given Flash's demise aka evolution! Hope your still at it!;)
Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and thx for a great bit of freeware :)
Hey, it's been bothering me for a while now, but the newer versions are a lot slower to display
sprites when you select them.

I just checked through the old versions (4.0.5 and on because it's the first version I ever used)
and this started with version 6.1. Prior to that, whenever you selected a sprite, there would be
this no delay or for more complex ones, a split second where the old one would disappear before it
displayed the new one.

In newer versions, you have an ~1 second window to click another sprite and it will display that one
without the old one disappearing first.

However, if you don't hit it in that window, the next time you click to display another sprite, the
old one disappears, and it takes a full second to display the new one, making it completely useless
for checking the differences from one frame to the next. And it just feels clunky.

If you want to see the difference, go back to 4.x or 5.x with an swf with a bunch of sprites. Hold
the down arrow and watch them fly by. Then go to 6.1 or later, hold the down arrow, and watch the
program hang. :(
there was problem with fast switching of SWFs(sprites) in the FlashPlayer ActiveX - it sometimes
crashed the whole decompiler, so I added a delay.
It would be better to have an issue for it in the tracker - please add it.
JPEXS (Owner)
you can check "Internal viewer" in settings which uses our sprite renderer, it might switch faster.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi there,

Is there a way to know which UI actions correspond to which command line calls? I'm trying to
automate p-code edits (simple renaming), so SWFs are processed in batch. I think the replace CLI
option should do the trick, but can't find the right way to call it.

AS1/2 or AS3? Please create a question in the issue tracker.
thanks for a prompt response, done the ticket -
beautiful program, does exactly what I want it to do. 10/10
Erk Gloom
Say when will the import of AS3?
You mean import AS3 script - direct editing? Can't say when. When it's fixed, then it's fixed, you
can help us sending SWFs which do not work to the issue tracker.
Currently I am resting because a hard week in my fulltime job. Maybe later when I am in the mood.

If you are not happy, you can use other tools (if exist). You can also pay somebody other than us to
fix it - we are opensource, anybody can send pull request on Github, we can then merge the code.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello world
I am a new visitor on this site

hmm, okay... nice to meet you :-D
JPEXS (Owner)
Direct editing works but when you save the script file and spoils the flash file ceases to be
runnable((( when will normal editor script?
It will be "normal" when all problems are fixed. We cannot fix them if we can't reproduce it on the
SWF files. Please report the bug in the issue tracker, add your SWF file and we will try to fix it.
Thanks. Is it clear?
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello!! prompt me when will possibility of the direct editing of script be?
It already is. But it is experimental - has bugs. If you register and report the bugs in the issue
tracker (+attach your SWF file), we will respond to your issue with information when it's fixed.
JPEXS (Owner)
It doesn't work for:

any chance to make it through?
For me it seems to work. What is your problem? Please create an issue in the issue tracker.
are you able to extract the green shape from it?
You mean the 2 green ellipses? It is not a shape, they are drawn by ActionScript:
private function §_-4s§(param1:Number, param2:Number) : void
graphics.moveTo(param1 + 142,param2 + 288);
graphics.lineTo(param1 + 142,param2 + 316);
graphics.lineTo(param1 + 102,param2 + 356);
graphics.moveTo(param1 + 258,param2 + 288);
graphics.lineTo(param1 + 258,param2 + 316);
graphics.lineTo(param1 + 298,param2 + 356);
graphics.drawEllipse(param1 + 100,param2 + 34,200,278);
graphics.drawEllipse(param1 + 128,param2 + 72,146,200);
no, sorry
I meant the grey contour of a woman
The gray woman is DefineShape4 (41)
And as I wrote earlier, please create an issue in the issue tracker if you have any problem. This is
a guestbook, not an issue tracker.
Hello! tell me when the full script editor? to the straight you can edit them?
Google translate?:) Yes, you can edit the scripts, but this feature is still experimental, it may
contain bugs or the compiled SWF may not work.
what would i do to change a definesprite's name ex: DefineSprite(1:human_fla.running_1
Find the corresponding ExportAsset (AS2) or SymbolClass (AS3) tag in the others category. There you
can edit the name.
Wow - that's cool stuff. In the past I struggled with all these other crapware demo versions you
wouldn't trust to pay money for to get full features (even Cut'n Paste of a few lines of code is

For this awesome piece of software I love to pay money by donation. And it works with LINUX! I love
you guys :)

Thanks for the great work!
send me pos222 cod
The program is an excellent Yeshe to finalize editing scripts prices it will not)))
very good successful
Awesome work! Saved me many days of work :)
You've come a long way with this program. Thanks for all the awesome features. The whole scaled
exporting of sprites thing works perfect.
woah pretty excellent piece of software!
how to increase the font size. that for assholes, sewn up in the program font
Which font size? In the Application GUI (menus)? Or in some specific SWF file?
JPEXS (Owner)
Amazing, useful software. Although I have never been able to recompile the SWF (always at least one
"severe" decompilation error), the tool where you can see the methods as well as the hex codes is
invaluable - I can just change them in a hex editor anyway.
Yes, the direct editation is experimental, please create bug reports in the issue tracker.
But if you want to make some small change, which is also possible with a Hex editor, why don't you
use the pcode editing (right window) in FFDec? It is stable, it should work.
Add Arabic language
Mohammed hamdi
You can translate it, then we will add it. We can't speak arabic.
Hola queria saber si me pueden decir si se puede desofuscar algo asi
CON JPEXS espero una respuesta GRACIAS
You can try renaming invalid identifiers. It is in menu Deobfuscation under Tools bar. Original
names cannot be restored since they are not present in the SWF file. Our decompiler can replace
these only with some valid ones, like "class_1","var_29", etc.
JPEXS (Owner)
Nice! Like someone else said, quality software and free and no payment required even though there is
nothing wrong with paying. Keep up the great work. I will submit bug reports if I come across any.
How do I disable error checking? I'm trying to make a minor change to an internal package but
getting an "IDENTIFIER or THIS or SUPER or STRING_OP expected but _____ found" insert any function
call for ____, but I know the swf works with these calls as it is.
Please create a bug report and attach your swf file. Also specify which script do you want to
You can't.
Direct editation is not just "save Script as Text". It needs to be compiled. You cannot compile
invalid script.

If you think your code is valid and you are 100% sure, then add issue in our issue tracker, we try
to fix the compiler, thanks.
JPEXS (Owner)
I'm a Sublime Text user and have developed a small tool for it that may help out your users out a
little. It's a syntax highlighter for your pcode syntax. Since I need to search for things a lot
without editing (using grep, etc.), it's faster for me to export the pcode files to local text files
and view them with an editor. This tool helps make the code easier look at on Sublime. Would this be
Thanks! This surely may be useful for some users. I added link to your project to the links section.
JPEXS (Owner)

Realy great tool!

Isnt it anylonger possible (in version 5.3.0) to edit ActionScript?

b) Running windows msi installer runs in error in fresh set up and patched Win7 Prof. (in Orcle
Error message something like "an error with the switch..."
Error happens while its tried to installed java.

Solution for me:
Cancel installation,
navigate to temp dir and run the there unpacked "jre..." setup manually, without any commands.
After that the installation worked fine for me.
Please take a look to your installer and change/adjust the install switches.

What is the problem with the ActionScript editing? Please create an issue in the issue tracker.
I just overseen the "Edit" button in lower window area!
My fault!

After pressing the button it works great to change the P-Code.

Please remove this "guestbook" entry.

And sorry again! My fault!

But please take a look to the installer and think about this requirement:

Highlight not only selected text/characters (in light blue), highligjt all the same text/character
sequence in a gray color (#ECECEC).

This would make it easier to see immediately where for example th eselectged variable is also used
Hi everybody

Is there a way to export swf to pdf?
The following gives me a pdf-file, but a broken one:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FFDec>java -jar ffdec.jar -format frame:pdf -export frame
"c:\temp" c:\temp\test.swf
Henry Smith
Your command is correct, please create a bug report in the issue tracker. Do not forget to attach
your file.

How do I edit the size of a shape?
The shape is used in a Sprite or in the main timeline, the placeobject tag which adds the shape to
the timeline has a matrix property, so find this placeobject tag, and right click/raw edit. Then
open the matrix node, ensure that the hasScale flag is true (if not, then check it, and save the
tag), then you can change the scaleX and scaleY properties. Next time please do not ask a question
here, use the issue tracker, and create a new "question" issue
Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to export all the sprites into image files from the command
line? This option works fine from the GUI, but no option for sprites at the command line, only
images, shapes, frames etc; and sprites do not get exported even with "all". Am I missing something?
(I use the Linux version). Or could you please add this option?

Thanks a lot for the software, it's very useful!
I added new issue into the tracker for you. Please subscribe to issue #924 (you should register
first) to receive future notifications about feature implementation.
JPEXS (Owner)
You are awesome
Hey, people. I have a little problem and i hope you can help me. I`m in desperate. Everytime, when i
extract fonts from .gfx file, it all corrupted by a lot space after each character. And when i
replace some characters (already without that space after them) in fonts or when i add some new
character - everyone of them adding/replacing with that space after them. For example, if i want to
add "А" character - it will be "А " character. Please, help me to resolve that problem.
This is too important for me.
Please use the issue tracker and add the GFX file there. We can then take a look what's wrong in
there. You can make the issue visible to developers only (us).
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi, I am trying to get your program to work, I downloaded a new Javscript as suggested, I unzipped
the file and clicked on the Icon, it doesn't do anything more.

I am on a Macbook Pro, 10.8 OS.
What am I doing wrong?
Right-click and "Open" command in menu does not work?
JPEXS (Owner)
Well working AND free software, I'm amazed.

Keep on the great work.
Hey man

Just want to say thank you for this project it is the absolute bomb and is amazing.

Best Wishes
Hi , great free decompiler

I have only Macromedia Flash 8 on my system. Which version of decompiler can give fla which can be
opened in flash8.

Thank You

In the Features page it is written that only "Flash CS 5, CS 5.5, CS 6 and CC" FLA formats are
supported, since they are XMLs, older versions are using some binary format. (Fix me if i'm wrong)
Yes, the decompiler cannot export in older FLA formats than Flash CS5. No version of JPEXS
decompiler can achieve this. These old formats are binary only and it would be very hard to somehow
reverse-engineer that format. Newer formats are XML so it is easy to read/write. You can try other
(paid) decompilers (see links), maybe they do have support for the Macromadia Flash 8. We don't.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello, thank you for this great decompiler!)
So, have a question: I imported some symbols from condensed font, but leeterspacing's too big, like
in normal font. Can I change it manually?
Use set adv. values & update text buttons. Or check my video
In future letterspacing may be wrong again after translating so u just need to do this actions again
(of course with those condensed font selected).
It works, thank you!)
hello, thank you for you hard work you really did amazing decompiler thats can do what paid
decompiler can't do it
but i still have problem with decompileing this swf file important parts of file can't be decompiled
correctly so i hope you can help me about this file is here in this link
i hope i have response from you soon on my email:
thank you
No emails for you from guestbook.... please use the issue tracker like anybody else, thanks.
JPEXS (Owner)
Worked great, thanks for throwing this together.

Dax Dobbert
Install err report:

Win7 x64

please see link:

After installed run JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler is ok.
Thank you for your Great Works!
in hard time, this tool came very handy. thank facebook for showing it to me, and you guys for
making it. just impossible possibility
teşekkürler güzel program yapmışsınız
Mustafa Buyruk
ISSUE!! Please, fix the window of panels, sometimes they are buggy and it's impossible to
comfortable list objects!
Hmm, issue... That's what our issue tracker is for. Please use it. Also try to specify "sometimes",
specify SWF file you try it on. But we won't solve anything via guestbook. Use the tracker, thanks.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thank your for this software! all Work's fine
I would have tried to find the first version of JPEXS
First version of FFdec is version 1.3.0. Earlier it was called ASDec
You can download it from the download archive:
You can also download the first version of ASDec, too.
Why do you need it?
May I know where can I learn the Method/Getter/Setter trait part? I decompiled a swf. But when I
used its class in a project, it didn't provide a correct result. That is why I want to read that
The panel on the right side is P-code panel, for AS3 it's syntax is similar to RABCDasm program.
Find RABCDasm using google and look in it's documentation.
JPEXS (Owner)
This is really a good flash decompiler.
I finally add some chinese fonts to my swf!!!
Thank you very much!! I have donated $5!!
I just wanted to say thankyou for this. It is very handy for me. Just an old guy, and trying to
learn. I spent some time today, reworking a flash swf I had, but I got it to do what I wanted, and I
could not have done this without this jpexs.decompiler. Much appreciated.
I have it installed but it's saying an error occurred during startup. I'm running windows 8.1 x64
with java 7 and 8
09:04:00.649 > SEVERE: null
com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.View execInEventDispatch
at java.awt.EventQueue.invokeAndWait(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.invokeAndWait(Unknown Source)
at javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(Unknown Source)
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.View.execInEventDispatch(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.Main.showModeFrame(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.Main.main(
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Inconsistent preferred widths
Ribbon band 'Language' has the following resize policies
com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.MainFrameRibbonMenu$4 with preferred width 105
org.pushingpixels.flamingo.api.ribbon.resize.IconRibbonBandResizePolicy with preferred width 128
com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.MainFrameRibbonMenu$4 with pref width 105 is followed by resize
policy org.pushingpixels.flamingo.api.ribbon.resize.IconRibbonBandResizePolicy with larger pref

at org.pushingpixels.flamingo.api.ribbon.RibbonTask.<init>(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.MainFrameRibbonMenu.<init>(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.MainFrameRibbon.<init>(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.Main.ensureMainFrame(
at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.Main$
at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.access$400(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
at Method)
at$1.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
at Source)
Please add an issue in our tracker, tell us your screen resolution.
Also try nightly build.
JPEXS (Owner)
I do have Win8 64 bit and it works for me. Just like I said: use issue tracker.
JPEXS (Owner)

Great work on JPEXS, it is the best on the market (free or not) for extracting ActionScript code and

Hi JPEXS love your software

v.4.0.5 On Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

When pressing "Check for Updates" the program crashes!

Just FYI
Try it now again. There was problem with nightly build updates on server side.
JPEXS (Owner)
no one help me so sad
Maybe you are in wrong section?
Try issue tracker instead. Guestbook is not a place to report bugs.
JPEXS (Owner)
I deleted your posts here in guestbook because they really should be in the issue tracker, not here.
I don't want to have guestbook full of posts from one people.
JPEXS (Owner)
filename,var name,class name contains " ^`[] "

can you replace it with any other character

decompile result..

public function start(param1:int, param2:int, param3:uint = 48) : void
if(!(this.§K[f§ == param1) || !(this.§K[g§ == param2))
this.§K[f§ = param1;
this.§K[g§ = param2;
this.Gfe.width = this.Gfe.height = param3;
this.§K[e§ = this.Gfe.width / 2;
this.G_J = getTimer();
this.FMY.visible = true;
if(null != this.§K[d§)
this.§K[d§.text = (param1 / 1000).toFixed(1) + "s";
this.§K[d§.visible = true;
You can use rename invalid identifiers feature on Tools/Deobfuscation tab.
JPEXS (Owner)

Any chance of unity3d editor from you
I don't give it much chances, you can try add it to issue tracker as new feature but I don't promise
JPEXS (Owner)
Why is decompiling in-GUI so much slower than exporting?
In the order of tens of seconds vs an hour.

This prevents editing for very large files.
What do you mean by "decompiling in GUI"?
Opening SWF progressbar? Or clicking ActionScript class? Or text search?

What do you mean by "Exporting"?
Commandline export? Or export selection in GUI?

GUI ActionScript display uses click highlighting which needs additional actions to be done and also
more memory. Also all decompiled classes are cached in memory or temp files. This also can slow it

If you have specific SWF which takes an hour, you can create issue in the tracker and send it to us.
We can then investigate.
JPEXS (Owner)
I suggest you to add an Skip button right beside Cancel, for skiping action files.
Stanculescu Ionut
I acknowledged that the direct editing is experimental, but upon saving I received the error message
of "namespace not defined on line #(number here)".

The coding is fine and running even without the editing, so is the error a coding-related or
It may be direct editation bug. You can help us by creating an issue in the issue tracker and
uploading the SWF file. We can then investigate and fix the bug. You can make the issue private
(developers only).
JPEXS (Owner)
Thank you guys so much for this programm!
Is it possible to IMPORT files to swf?
I've edited one pic and want to put it into swf. Or it's possible only while making .fla file?
In current version: Existing picture tags (DefineBits_xx) can be replaced with PNG or JPEG files
(there is "Replace" button under image preview). Pictures made of vector shapes (DefineShape,
DefineSprite tags) cannot be replaced.
JPEXS (Owner)
Excellent tool! Thanks for it!
something wrong?

ifeq & ifne

if(_loc11_.indexOf("_") != -1)
pushbyte -1
ifeq ofs0772
getlocal 11

Branch if the first value is equal to the second value.
nothing wrong.

push <value1>
push <value2>
ifeq ofs1 ; if equal, jump to ofs1
here operations if not equal, which is if body

If conditions are compiled this way.
ifeq means "if equal then jump".
JPEXS (Owner)
thank,good job
Question: SWF File- When exporting sprites (As png, for example), is there any way to increase the
resolution of what is exported? The ability to export all the frames of sprites/animation is simple
and awesome with this program, except for this one problem which kind of totally ruins it (The
resolution of the resulting png files are too low). Is there some sort of voodoo trick I could use
to get around this? I would be super honored if anyone knew.
We could add zoom level selection on select export format dialog. It would be nice if you add an
issue to our tracker so we don't forget it.
JPEXS (Owner)