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having a hard time with this program
Excuse me, but it would be possible to create DoActions from scratch using JPEXS? I wanted to create
new maps in an RPG game called MARDEK RPG
Hey there people. Is there any way to export list of assets connected to a swf frame as a json or
xml file? Just to get all of the assigned framelables, buttons and shapes on the frame. Im writing a
thing that kinda automatically converts one of the older games I have played into a readable json,
and it was super easy to automatically convert dialogue using actionscript export, but I cant
automatically connect scripts without getting labels and connected buttons.

I want to get this stuff as a list. I could do that manually but due to the ammount of frames it
would probably be easier to automate it somehow
Hello dear devoloper. First of all thanks for your JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler work. (: We're
working with Dishonored 2 localization project. At the end, we're triyng to export the texts and the
fonts. Everythings looks okay, but sometimes game crashes or not, and some people says that their
game never crashes. So we're investigated all from so long iime, looks like everyhing is okay with
our exporting but looks like something not right with your JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler software.
We're sure we did everyting right in work but it causes to crashes in some people' experience. We're
need your help. Thanks.
Something not right with exporting .iggy font files via JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
With saving*
Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately iggy format is undocumented and we no longer have appropriate
knowledge to test it or fix it. Also we stopped the decompiler development. Maybe someone will
someday continue iggy support, but currently I don't see it possible. :-(
JPEXS (Owner)
Ah, I see. By the way, thanks for answer.
So... There is a piece of code in the P- section. It controls two different variables with the same
value. Is there a way to make it control only one of them and add a new piece of code that controls
the other? Each having individual values.
Adding new scripts is not available in FFDec. (Only new traits in AS3)
Also I do not clearly understand what you want with the variables, but maybe somebody other will
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello. How to export PNG with transparent background?
Try downloading nightly build for sprite exporting.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hi Team, Good day.
I am a part of public limited company and the company has its own website for the employees. They
have a training module in the company website which is built using .swf file.
Now the requirement is to update the existing training module and in order to do so, I need to
update the .swf files. In this case can I use your tool for free of cost to update our .swf files?
This tool is very helpful for me in updating the existing .swf file by updating the text and
In shore requirement is to update the .swf file in a limited company, as a developer can I use your
free software.
our tool is free and we do not limit any usage of what swf files can and cannot be edited. In some
countries, reverse engineering and/or editing may be not legal on content you do not own, so make
sure its your content or your country laws allow it.

It seems like the SWF files you are talking about are from your company so I don't see any problem
why not to edit it if there's a requirement from the company.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thanks for the quick response
Rightly said by you that as the .swf files belongs to my company and they want to update the same.
However customer wanted to make sure from the developer (myself in this case) that the tool I am
using to decompile there .swf in this case JPEXS is absolutely free to use for editing purpose.
Client want to make sure JPEXS has no objection to make as we use this tool to update companies own
.swe file.
Do you have any objection from your side, If as a developer I use your tool JPEXS in my company just
to edit/create .swf file?
I do not have any objection.
JPEXS (Owner)
Thank you a lot for your great software, i just discovered it this morning and it runs very well,
thus far, I believed that extracting pictures from swf was impossible so thousand thanks !!!

Have a fancy day
Is there a way to ignore errors? I keep getting an error saying semicolon expected when trying to
edit actionscript and I want to ignore it so I can save.
Editing ActionScript directly is experimental, it contains bugs (See warning when clicking a
Errors cannot be anyway skipped since it must be compiled into binary code.
Use P-code editation (on the right side) when you want precise editation.
JPEXS (Owner)
Hello !!! thank you very much for your work, it is excellent thank you thank you! my question is if
you know any program similar to this one: 1- Swivel - SWF-to-Video converter:
or to this one that does not have an x64 version: Swf2Video Converter Pro

From already thank you very much
I can't recommend anything, I don't use such softwares, maybe someone else who reads the questbook
will help.
JPEXS (Owner)