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#1018 Strange §§dup on 6.0.1 that didn't happen on 5.x
Author: user soywiz2
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: closed Help

----------- ORIGINAL: public function restoreMatrixTranslate():void { si32(PrenderDrawCommands.RESTORE_MATRIX_TRANSLATE, offset + 0); offset += 4; } ----------- DECOMPILED: public function restoreMatrixTranslate() : void { si32(offset + 0,4); // si32 argument order is wrong (I have filed another issue with this) offset = §§dup().offset + 4; // §§dup shouldn't appear } -------------- BYTECODE: trait method Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"restoreMatrixTranslate") dispid 0 method name "restoreMatrixTranslate" returns Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"void") body maxstack 3 localcount 1 initscopedepth 0 maxscopedepth 1 code getlocal_0 pushscope debugfile "" debugline 129 pushbyte 4 getlex Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"offset") pushbyte 0 add si32 findpropstrict Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"offset") dup getproperty Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"offset") debugline 130 pushbyte 4 add setproperty Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"offset") returnvoid
Yes, v 6.x places various §§ instruction over the code. They should be visible only in some special cases where code could not be decompiled correctly. In 5.x or lower, you see "Decompilation error" message and the rest of the method is discarded in many cases. 6.x solves this by adding §§dup,§§push,§§pop instructions and proceeding without other commands loss. Our current goal is to eliminate §§ instructions in the proper code. I will investigate what is wrong with the sixx instructions, be patient...
I guess it should be correct in current nightly(1206+)
State: new→upgraded
I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
State: upgraded→closed