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#1027 pure image bytes
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Type: bug
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Hi! Yes there's nothing wrong with FFDec. I have a question about an image file extacted from it, without any conversion. Image viewers can't open it, so it needs conversion. Is it possible for me to ask how can I make the LEAST manipulation to it? So for example, deleting data that a normal JPEG image doesn't have or such... I'd like to keep 1:1 quaility. How could I achive it low level? Also, how does the FFDec's internal viewer works? Does it perform conversion? Just because it can open teh image file just fine unlike other image viewers. It would also be good for me if someone told me where's the internal viewer's source in FFDec's github repo. One last thing: there's a software called SWFRIP which I used to extract the same image. It did work with image viewers. What is special about it? I made a byte level file comparison between the file extracted from FFDec and the one extracted from SWFRIP and ONLY 3 BYTES were different. The length was the same, only 3 bytes differed. What I attached: image_0.jpg extracted from FFDec image_1.jpg extracted from SWFRIP The offset at which those magic 3 bytes are found is: dec=573 hex=023d Thanks, Patrik Nusszer
Downloadimage_0.jpg (159 KiB)Downloadimage_1.jpg (159 KiB)
Légyszi csatold az SWF-t is.
Do you still need the original image data? Please attach your original swf file.
We did some JPEG fixes in 14.0.0, so I guess this is fixed.
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