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#1035 Windows filename/-path case insensitivity
Author: user bossfong
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: closed Help

On Windows filenames and paths are not case sensitive. Although I have not seen non-name-obfuscated swf's that have issues with case sensitivity, when names are obfuscated there are often name clashes. JPEXs currently does not handle this case when exporting scripts (files will be overwritten). Since I believe fixing that problem in a natural way is hard, I propose a new exporting mechanism, where files will be exported into a zip file (or any case sensitive container file) which can then either be unpacked and have the names be resolved by the unpacker or, which is my case, be further processed. Another simple solution would be some simple XML format that maps QNames to exported files contents (not file paths, though that might be a possibility aswell). JSon would do aswell or even a very simple text file with proper escaping. I would love to do that myself, but I have no expirience with java sadly. If I can help with defining a file format or anything like that, I would love to. Thanks for any comments in advance.
Did you tried the nightly build? I already fixed this problem: mes-are-not-so-they-are-overwritten-sometimes-during-export I had sample files with for example small mu (greek letter) and capital mu classes. now the 2nd will be <mu> Or you an still reproduce the problem?
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Great! Have you considered that also directories are case insensitive? For example "_-ABC._-CBA" and "_-abc._-XYZ" will be exported to the same directory. (I can fix that in my tools though)
Yes, but I decided to put them to the same folder. So for example if you have the follwoing classes: ABC.CBA abc.CBA the result will be: ABC\ ABC\ ABC\ My goal was only not to lose any file. Let me know if you find any problem. Maybe you are right, and It would be better to have this output: ABC\ abc_2\ abc_2\ For me the first solution was much easier and enough. You can improve it if you want, we will accept push requests.
Ok, I have fixed my tooling to not rely on paths anymore. There seems to be a bug in the new code though, and I have looked at the commit and cant figure out why, but it seems to only work for 2 files with the same name, not 3. In my specific case I have 3 classes, _-e1g, _-E1g and _-E1G, but there are only _-E1G and _-e1g where _-E1G actually contains the right class and _-e1g actually contains _-E1g.
You are right, thank you. Fixed in repository, new nightly will be released in 10 minutes. Please try it.
Tried it, works like a charm! Thank you!
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