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#1037 ConstructIns: xmlMult.isXML called 2 times with the same parameter. Why?
Author: developer honfika
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Type: question
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ConstructIns: xmlMult.isXML called 2 times with the same parameters. Why? isXML = xmlMult.isXML(localData.constants, localData.localRegNames, localData.fullyQualifiedNames) && xmlMult.isXML(localData.constants, localData.localRegNames, localData.fullyQualifiedNames); Maybe this is a bug, in version 1.2.0u1 it was: if (fpt.propertyName.isXML(constants, localRegNames, fullyQualifiedNames) && gpt.propertyName.isXML(constants, localRegNames, fullyQualifiedNames)) { sdec/abc/avm2/instructions/construction/ It is wrong(?) since version 1.3.0: ompiler/flash/abc/avm2/instructions/construction/
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