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#1051 Exporting multiple files
Author: user loert423
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I have a collection of .swf files, each of which is essentially made up of one image, and I would like to export each of these images into the PNG format. Whenever I try to export, the resultant file name (i.e. <filename>.png) is the same as the character id of the image in the .swf file. But this character id is the same for all files, therefore when I export multiple images each file just overwrites the one previous, and I end up with one .png file, the image from my last .swf file in the list. Is there a way to change the export file-naming system, so it doesn't use the name of the character id? Can I implement some progressive naming system for exported files? (e.g. image_1.png, image_2.png, image_3.png...) Here's what I do step by step: 1. Open ffdec.exe 2. Drag and paste all .swf files into program window 3. Shift-select all files in program window 4. Export selection > Uncheck all but "Images" and leave it as "PNG/GIF/JPEG" 5. Choose default directory I then look in the "images" folder and see one file, the image from the last .swf file in the original list, named according to the character id. Please help! Thanks.
I've just tried out the nightly build and it looks like each image gets its own folder, which is perfect. I was using version 6.01. *derpface*
Yes, now every swf has it's own folder. The result should be the same in current stable, too (6.0.2) I close this issue now. Please create new issue if you find any problem.
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