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#1069 playerglobal.swc missing
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> What steps will reproduce the problem? Installation. > What is the expected output? What do you see instead? Complete install. Instead an alert box appears indicating playerglobal.swc cannot be found on Adobe site/it can be loaded later. > What version of the product are you using? Is it "nightly build"? Which operating system do you have? Current version of FFDEC. Running WinXP on this machine, but has occurred on Win 7 and Win 8 as well. > Please provide any additional information below. If the problem is related to a SWF file, attach it here, otherwise we can't help you. I located the file via Google. How do I go about installing it? Do simply need to place it in the FFDEC directory? Thanks. -B.
The decompiler will ask you for the SWC file when needed and tell you exactly where you can download it and where to place it. No need to worry about the warning :-). It is needed for AS3 direct editation, so just start editing ActionScript 3.
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I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem persists.
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