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#1078 Use native file dialog in GUI
Author: user Tyilo
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: postponed Help

At least on OS X, the file dialog that ffdec uses is vastly inferior to the native file dialog that OS X provides. For instance ffdec will not show the sidebar with your "bookmarked" folders. Also drag-n-dropping a file from a Finder window to the filedialog doesn't select the file. I don't know if this should just be an OS X feature, but I think you should use the native filedialog on all platforms.
Yes, but there area lot of problem with the native dialogs... I didn't read so much good things in this page: 1. awt.FileDialog has problems with the filters... + "It's broken on Linux and Mac, and Oracle is not going to fix it any more." 2. use JNI (for example CFileDialog in windows)... different logic for all OS... not really like this idea. 3. JavaFX file chooser: needs JavaFX runtime.
State: new→postponed