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#1079 How to Globally rename identifier?
Author: user Suuper
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Rename identifiers
State: opened Help

I can't figure how how to rename identifiers. When I click the "Globally rename identifiers" it tells me "No multiname found under cursor". I've tried highlighting names, as well as having them selected in the traits section. Some documentation on how to use this feature would be nice to have.
I just found that I can re-name a class if I put the cursor on it's name at a variable declaration. Is there any way to re-name a variable or method or package, or to re-name a class without having to find a variable of that type?
It currently works only on identifiers inside the method bodies only I guess. I can tell you why it does not work for specific SWF / ActionScript part if you send us sample SWF file...
State: new→opened
Here's the file I'm working with. As an example of the kind of stuff I want to re-name, go to package background, class DrawableBackground. I am unable to re-name the class (unless I can find a piece of code that declares a variable of type DrawableBackground), var_210, or method_86.
DownloadrenamingPR2_LE.swf (1,678 KiB)