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#1099 Extract swf that is inside a swf binary.
Author: user appleseed
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Type: question
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I lost my old data files that is from last year as hard drive failure, all i have is the last version main.swf however, the one I want is the swf that is coded inside the binary like shown in the screenshot. is there a way to extract it out from the swf?
Right click on DefineBinaryData 14, select export.
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yes i did try it. it export alot files as it export as RAW, but not in the format i want. i want it either be in flv or swf format. i am not sure what to do this all the Doaction script file become txt file and Do actions scripts is not complete it turn few word in to txt file, and it got over 2000 of them, before i only have 130 some.
I try right click on the SWF data and export, export gives same thing, rest is export to java, xml i don't know how to convert it back to swf. sorry i am kind week on swf coding, I just start with a unfinished flv from my friend and just kept working on it until i lost the data
Right click on the DefineBinaryData 14, NOT on the "(SWF Data)" Select "Export selection" as i wrote earlier. It will save a file called 14.bin, rename it to 14.swf Ignore the other files.
Thanks !!! it works now. :D
You're welcome. The file extension was confusing a little bit, with the latest nightly the file extension should be .swf for those binary datas which has an swf content (which is already loaded).
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