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#1104 AS3 Script Importation shown false "not supported" message
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3
State: closed Help

Alright, so in Issue #929 honfika has officially told AS3 is now supported for importing scripts, however, it seems someone forgot to disable the 'Only As1/As2' popup. With this, the causes are that AS3 scripts cant be imported, even tought in the source code they are officially supported. Pls fix it :( Thanks, realmaster42
The popup dialog is removed. Try the latest nightly. But "the causes are that AS3 scripts cant be imported" is not true, the scripts were imported, only a false popup was shown. Note: this import works only when it works from the GUI also, since it is using the same experimental AS3 direct editing method.
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Title: AS1/2/3 Script Importation not functioning.→AS3 Script Importation shown false "not supported" message
Alright, thanks! Works like a charm.
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