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#1106 New Shapes added to SWF files do not have their images added properly when using the replace function.
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: Shapes
State: closed Help

1. Load an SWF file. 2. Add a new shape. 3. Right click the new shape and click "Replace". 4. Pick a file. 5. The new image settings only partially apply to the new shape and the bounds are not set as they should be. JPEXS Version 7.1.2, i use windows 7. The problematic SWF file has been attached, follow steps above to reproduce. Attempt to add a new shape and add an image to it with the "replace" function. All types of shapes(1-4) newly made do not work.
Just to clarify, this "replace" process works perfectly with shapes already inside the SWF file.
Assigned:developer honfika
Can't reproduce the problem. The bounds are not updated, but it is also not updated when you repace an existing shape. Could you please specify the steps when it is workign?
For me to reproduce the working case i: 1. Load the supplied SWF file. 2. Right click on shape 36 (looks like a shield) 3. Click replace in the right click menu and choose a new image from my computer And when this is done the image is properly replaced, with the new bounds set. If this can still not be reproduced would it be better if i make a video example?
Yes, please create a video example. For me the bounds are the same after replacing the image: (-7.25, -9) [14.5 x 18]
Yes sorry you are correct, the bounds stay the same and it just happens the image im replacing with fits inside the bounds. I just have to go back to manually trying to figure out what each new images bounds needs to be, since this is not actually a feature. You can close this ticket.
I'm just trying to figure out how to add a new image to a shape and have it work.
Please try the latest nightly. I added a new context menu item: "Replace - Update bounds" Note: there is an issue in this issue tracker about the tag tree context menu. It is quite chaotic, maybe some functions should be grouped, or the settings should be moved to a popup dialog, so maybe it will be changed in the future, but the functionality will be there somewhere.
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Type: bug→feature
Wow you have no idea how much this means to me, iv spent the better half of this week trying to get something going. It's working perfectly. Thanks again.
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