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#1110 Failed to start JPEXS
Author: user XELAD2
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Type: bug
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Hello! I was working with JPEXS Decompiler a few days ago successfully. But today it's just don't want to start: I see illumination (picture with program name), ffdec.exe appears in processes and then nothing happens, it exits. The version was 7.1.1 I unninstalled it, checked "delete user options". Downloaded version 7.1.2, installed and click to run. Picture appeared and again nothing. My computer has Windows 32 XP sp 3, flash 20, java 8 update 45. Sorry for my english!
Please attach your configuration file. It is called config.bin On a newer operating systems you can find it in the following location: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\JPEXS\FFDec\config.bin On XP a little bit different, but similar. Officially we do not support Windows XP, it is a 15 years old OS.
Actually there is no config.bin in C (where system and program is) even in hidden and system files. I suppose it is because last options were removed and newer not created. Screenshot:
Not in program files. On XP it is somewhere like: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\JPEXS
Also please try the following: Open a command prompt, navigate to programfiles\ffdec folder start FFDec with ffdec.bat Is there any error/exception in the command windows?
"Not in program files." I've searched all disk C, by windows search. No such file. I tried to launch FFDec from bat file, it opened Decoder successfully! Then I searched for bin file again and it had been created now. Sending it... Start from exe file still not works add shuts the program after start picture.
Downloadconfig.bin (2 KiB)
"Is there any error/exception in the command windows?" No error in trace, it's empty. But program works. Unfortunately not from exe.
Hmm... then it should be some java problem. Is there any error in command prompt if you start the exe from cmd?
There are no errors in cmd, the same start-picture-exit. Only one process appeares for few seconds. If to start from bat, also javaactivex_#####.exe appeares, like always was.
I don't know what is the problem, but there is a duplicate issue: issue #918 So I close this one, please subscribe to #918
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