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#1111 Examples of CLI replace command
Author: user anthony
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Type: question
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I'm trying to automate source code or p-code replacements in CLI, so that SWFs are processed in batch. The CLI says "Sorry, no example found for command replace, Let us know in issue tracker when you need it." My current plan is: 1) ./ -format script:pcode -export script ~/script ~/a.swf 2) run my own script (Python etc) that will change the source code files in a few places 3) ./ -replace a.swf b.swf <params> I'm stuck with 3) - how do I replace the previously exported scripts? SWFs are a mix of AS2 & 3, so need examples for both. Thanks
AS2 (I write windows exmaples, but you can easily convert to linux format): ffdec.bat -replace as2.swf as2_replaced.swf "\frame 50\DoAction" new.pcode You can list the available script names (\frame 50\DoAction) with the following command: ffdec.bat -dumpas2 as2.swf AS3: ffdec.bat -replace as3.swf as3_replaced.swf classes.Test new.pcode 2 classes.Test is the fully qualified classname which contains the method you want to replace You can list the available classnames with the following command: ffdec.bat -dumpas3 as3.swf (ignore the numbers at the end) 2 is the method body index you want to replace You can see the methodbody id in GUI (or in the exported scripts) if you enable Advanced Settings/Debug/Show method body id. FFDec will add a comment, like: public function testHello() : * { // method body index: 2 method index: 2 trace("helloooo"); } You need the first number. new.pcode should contain the same text which is in the pcode window on the GUI when you select the method, but you sohuld remove the first (trait) line.
In the latest nightly you don't have to remove the trait definition, so command line import accepts exactly the same text which is in the GUI.
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I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
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