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#1120 Change shape size
Author: user peroncho
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Type: question
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I have this flash cursor, I managed to change the icon to a png (as you can see im extremely new at this ) But I can't change the shape size, I want a bigger cursor but i dont know how :/ Is it possible? I tried adding a bigger png but it always gets confined into the tiny square. Thanks!!!
Downloadteste 1.swf (6 KiB)
Oh, and I forgot to ask, is it possible to make it animated? tried adding a .gif file but it was useless, maybe a .swf file? and how..?
Select sprites/DefineSrpite (2:CursorMenu)/frame1/PlaceObject2 (1) Depth: 2 in the left tag tree. Press the edit button. Open the matrix node. Check the hasScale node. Click to somewhere in the white area. Change the value of the scaleX and scaleY properties to for example: 262144 This means that the size will be 4 times bigger than the original. (65536 means the original size) Anumated: Yes, if you have an swf, you can import the animated tag from that swf. Open both swfs. Right click on the animated sprite in the left tag tree. Select Copy tag with dependencies to... FFDec will assign a new cahracterId for your new sprite, you should use the new character id. The easiest way is to replace it with the old: In the original swf right click on the new animated sprite. Select Replace with other character tag. Select the old non-animated sprite.
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Thanks!!!!! The size tip worked flawlessly :) With the animation im having an issue, I exported a simple animation from flash to a .swf file, opened it with the decompiler but there's no Sprite section. I guess its something related to the movie creation right..?
here's the sample file
Downloadccici.swf (1 KiB)
The problem is that the animation is in your main timeline. You should put it somehow to a sprite. I do not really know Adobe Flash, but you should find a tutorial on youtube. Maybe select them, and right click, "convert to symbol"
Thanks ;)
Is it ok? May I close this issue?
Im still unable to animate the cursor, but I think its more related to flash and I dont want to bother too much. So i think its ok! ;)
Ok. Maybe first you should try to import a sprite from a "real" swf, from the internet... or you can find several swfs in this issue tracker. Feel free to create new issue if you have question about FFDec.
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