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#1130 programm keeps opening on the wrong monitor/display
Author: user Rookie
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUI
State: new Help

The programm keeps opening on the wrong monitor/display, I have two displays connected to my PC but one is usually not set to show my desktop so I have to blindly move the window over. Any way I can change on which display the programm starts?
I have the same problem, I have two display, but of different resolutions. Maybe that is why it's having problems with showing on the wrong display? Same with all dialogs, like opening a file or exporting, or the advanced settings menu.
I have the Same problem. I am working with a laptop which has a display and an external monitor. The external monitor is my main monitor (can be configured under Windows). I would preferr that the program starts on the main monitor but it starts on the other monitor. I also have 2 different resolutions (the main one is higher) if that makes any difference...