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#1147 XML Content of the shape data is exported twice
Author: user Brandon
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: FLA export
State: returned Help

Hi! > What steps will reproduce the problem? Oopen attached file in ffdec (i used nb1251). Look for sprite tagged as game.Yoyo If you click on it and look in preview - it works just fine. But try to export to FLA and check how it is exported. I used Flash Professional CC 13.0.1 to open decompiled fla and this sprite looks completly broken.
Fixed in the latest nighrly, please try it.
State: new→upgraded
JPEXS: The problem is fixed, the generated FLA is not broken anymore, but there is a problem. Shape 2082 is in shape 2084, but the content of the Shape 2082 is copied, not referenced with "DOMSymbolInstance" could you please check it why? I've attached a smaller swf to reproduce the problem. (I've removed all of the unnecessary characters)
hell should i do that check? :-) if so, tell me how i should do that.
My last comment is only for JPEXS, you don't have to check that. You should try only the latest nightly build. It should work.
JPEXS is my nickname :-)
Works just fine!
JPEXS: You told me that it is a bug when the shape is exported twice, so I change the issue to returned
State: upgraded→returned
Title: Sprite is exported incorrectly→XML Content of the shape data is exported twice