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#1153 Exported JPEG Images are invalid
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: ExportImages
State: closed Help

Using version 7.1.2 to export JPEG images produces an output file that is invalid. On investigation I found there were four spurious bytes in the header of the output file (at position 023Ch - 023Fh) removing these bytes corrects the problem. Easy enough to put right but I shouldn't need to...
Download125.jpg (75 KiB)Downloadpage_1.swf (132 KiB)Download125_Corrected.jpg (75 KiB)
Assigned:developer honfika
For me it seems that your swf file contains the wrong image data. Interesting that Java and Adobe flash can open it without any problem. the extra bytes (D9 FF D8 FF) are usually an error header in lower SWF versions, but in your file it is in the middle of the binary image data. In some SWFs (maybe lower versoins) the jpeg header was separated to a JpegTablesTag So probably your image was earlier in a DefineBitsTag (with error header) + JpegTablesTag, and something converted this to a DefineBitsJpeg2 tag without removing the error header. You can check this with FFDec: - change the view to "Hex dump" - Select DefineBitsJPEG2 (125)/imageData in the tree The jpeg binary data is hilighted with green color, you can see that the 4 extra bytes are in the middle of the data. However FFDec could recompress the image, which would save a correct image file, but i think this is not a good solution. Currently it is designed to save the original (not recompressed) image data. So I think this is not a bug in FFDec. Do you know anything about this SWF? Where is it from? Was it edited earlier?
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A workaround: When you export the image, select output format PNG or BMP. This will force FFDec to recompress your image.
I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
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This was fixed in nightly 1828. The JPEG file is reorganized to properly display.