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#1157 Deobfuscation: evaluate arithmetic constants
Author: user thiht
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3
State: closed Help

Sometimes I have to deal with uncompiled SWF with a lot of fields like: public static const const_87:int = 2072 + -2072; public static const const_88:int = 3187 + -3186; public static const const_89:int = 9841 + -9839; public static const const_90:int = 7824 + -7821; Would it be possible to have a deobfuscation option so that these constant values are evaluated in: public static const const_87:int = 0; public static const const_88:int = 1; public static const const_89:int = 2; public static const const_90:int = 3;
Please try new Simplify expressions setting in the Settings tab. It should do the trick.
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It's working great, thank you!
You're welcome.
State: upgraded→closed