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#1173 How is P-code ofsXXX generated?
Author: user capasha
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Type: question
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I'm wondering how p-code ofs"XXXX" is generated. Because I'm making a tool that generate code for a flash program. So I know how I should convert xxxx to. Right now do I only generate numbers. But I have seen letters too. And I wonder how it's generated. Example P-code generated from my tool: iffalse ofs5875 ofs5875: P-code example from the swf: iffalse ofs028f ofs028f:
It is a hexadecimal number 5875 is 22645 in dec 028f is 655
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It is just a label. You can put "dog" in it, any valid AS identifier, it will compile iffalse helloKitty ... helloKitty: this will compile in FFDec correctly. Label names are not stored in the SWF file so they are lost. During decompilation we assign then unique identifiers based on offset in the method - ofs028f is "ofs" and 028f which is address of the instruction in hexadecimal. The label does not matter, it just need to be unique in the P-code so we give them addressbased name.
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