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#1177 Button parameters within JPEXS output?
Author: user joneleit
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Type: question
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State: closed Help

Are the parameters which define Button color available within JPEXS output? They don't appear to be accessible in the DefineButton2 (70) or DefineShape (65) and DefineShape (67) output. I want to change the color of the button from red to white.
DownloadNOVALIGHTY.swf (1,013 KiB)
The button color is in the shape. With FFDec 8.x the easiest way to edit the color is exporting the shape to SVG, edit with an SVG editor (or simply notepad), then improt the SVG. Or you can do it with raw editing. Right click on Definehape 65 (or 67), select raw edit Open shapes, fillstyles, fillstyles, fillstyle[0], there you can edit the color Sometimes the color is in a StyleChangeRecord in shapes/shaperecord Maybe the raw editing is more reliable, and if you want to chagne the color only, you can be sure that only the color will be changed. However SVG export/import should be also good, but it is a new feature in version 8.x, so maybe not well tested by the users.
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Thanks! Just wondering why the new settings don't take effect until a mouse-over on the button? DefineButton2 (70) and the frame when played still show the red background with white text and then change on a mouse-over.
Then it should be a different sprite or similar. If it is still red, you should find the red color somewhere in raw editing...
You have been a great help – THANKS! I finally figured out that there are 3 buttons (shapes) – 1 as originally displayed, 2 as displayed during a mouse-over and 3 as displayed after a mouse-press. Everything works now as I want! 😊 You can close this Issue (and also the previous Issue).
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