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#1188 order of static fields
Author: user BeniBela
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3Decompilation
State: new Help

The 6.0.1 version used to duplicate static field initializations. So you had public static var REG_MAP:Object = { "command":commandRegExp, "war":warRegExp, "tech":techRegExp, "build":buildRegExp }; { REG_MAP:Object = { "command":commandRegExp, "war":warRegExp, "tech":techRegExp, "build":buildRegExp } }; 8.0.1 only shows the first initialization, which seems better. However, it does not pay attention to the order of the fields. E.g. if warRegExp is a regexp and is put after REG_MAP, it is still null, when REG_MAP is initialized. So after recompilation get the wrong value in REG_MAP and 8.0.1 is worse than 6.0.1