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#119 What the file ffdec.bat is needed for?
Author: user focus
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I see this error while running it: ffdec>java -jar ffdec.jar ш■э 12, 2013 6:24:55 PM com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.Configuration loadReplacement s SEVERE: Error during load replacements C:\Users\focus\AppData\Roaming\JPEXS\FFDec\replac ements.cfg (file not found) at Method) at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.Configuration.loadReplacements(Configurati at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.Configuration.loadFromFile(Configuration.j ava:135) at com.jpexs.decompiler.flash.gui.Main.main( And there is really no such file C:\Users\focus\AppData\Roaming\JPEXS\FFDec\replac ements.cfg what is it for?
The BAT file runs the application and can be generally be used to pass commandline arguments to FFDec, because Main EXE application (Java launcher) does not produce any standard output you can se. The Exception you see (cannot found replacements.cfg) is a bug and it will be removed in next release. Please ignore the error. The application works with it. The file is used to store Proxy replacements.
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version 1.6.3 released this exception was fixed, I am closing this.
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