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#1194 Wrong sound effects in fla
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: FLA exportSound
State: upgraded Help

Export the attached swf as fla. There should be two sound effects on frame 1, but I only saw one of them. Decompiler version: 8.0.1 on Windows
Downloadsound.swf (24 KiB)
Could you please attach the original fla also? It would help us to generate the same xml tags.
Original file was lost, sorry for that. More `DOMLayer`s are needed if there are multiple sound effects on the same frame. A suggestion about the exported fla file: the layer name could be `Sound Layer N`.
Downloadnew-sound.fla (50 KiB)Downloadnew-sound.swf (24 KiB)
Next time I'll remember to upload fla files.
State: new→opened
Thanks for the sample files, it helped a lot. Please try the latest nightly build.
State: opened→upgraded
The files below still failed. And I couldn't figure out how stream sound works.
Downloadtest.fla (50 KiB)Downloadtest.swf (6 KiB)