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#1203 P-Code documents
Author: user capasha
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Type: question
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I wonder if there exists P-Code document what the P-Code does. Like: pop, dup, ifne, ifle, getproperty, initproperty, findproperty, setproperty and so on.
Check the links page: / The official documentation is in this 2 files: SWF File Format Specification (version 19): PDF Iconswf-file-format-spec.pdf (Adobe) ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview: PDF Iconavm2overview.pdf (Adobe) First contains the AS1/2 actions, 2nd contains the AVM2 (AS3) Instructions. + there are other useful links which contains some not officially documented codes Why is this questions developers only? May I change it to public? I think it would be useful for others.
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I think some basic inline documentation for the p-code instructions would be handy. But there is problem - we cannot copy parts of these two documents. It will probably break their licenses to publish texts from them. We will need to write pcode docs ourselves with minimum of looking into these documents, and this will take some time. But it is generally good idea. I already thought about it in the past.
You guys can make this public. I don't know why I made it private. Would be great if there was a document on this site about P-code editing. I will look in the documents that you posted.
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