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#1213 Changing tag types
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Hello, I was wondering if I can change tag types. Since I`m having same issue on #1199, I would like to know if I can change DefineBitsJPEG3 to DefineBitsLossless2 (I`m using Nightly build 1387). The thing I was working on is about changing several images in an existing flash file. File I attached are the ones I was working on. I tried to change image 151 in 'hud_lib.swf' file with 'image 136.png'. It looks fine on the JPEXS using replace feature, but when I check in game, it`s all transparent, probably due to alpha related error. Once again, thank you providing us a great program! I was able to learn a lot.
Downloadhud_lib.swf (479 KiB)Downloadimage 136.png (8 KiB)
Some of those are covered in Issue #1199. You can ignore after first paragraph. But I have a new question. I know we can change image size by using raw edit feature for lossless ones, but I couldn`t find one related to JPEG3. Can I change image size that are tagged JPEG3?
You can change the tag type as Jinxed_K wrote in issue #1199, from command line: ffdec.bat -replace hud_lib.swf hud_lib_new.swf 151 HE.png lossless2 In JPEG3 tag if you want to change the size, just import a new image which has different size... so the size is in the image data...
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You are my hero! It works perfect. Once again thanks for bracing with me and for your time. You can close this ticket :) Thank you so much!
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