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#1237 Text search in AS working only if scripts tab is selected
Author: user megalol
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Type: question
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State: closed Help

It seems that in some earlier versions of FFDec there were no such a problem?
What do you mean about script tab?
"Folder" with DefineSprites and DefineButtons. Nevermind. Open any swf (be sure that nothing opened from text or scripts "folder" from last saved session or select header in this case), do a texts search by pressing a button in Tools Panel (don't press anything else), try to search something (in text or AS) that exists in opened swf.
So what i did: Started FFDec, opened hank.swf Selected header Closed FFDec Restarted FFDec, hank.swf opened, header is selected, nothing opened. Pressed Tools/TextSearch Serach text: aa pressed OK button, result window shown, 14 result Double click on the first result Sprite 2325 frame 795 opened So what is the problem?
Sorry. Do not select header. There should be no selection anywhere. Just like fresh 1st time opened swf. For easier testing turn saving sessions off.
please try the latest nightly
Now it works. Thanks!
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