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#1251 SWF is not the same after exporting to XML then importing back to SWF
Author: user Proweb
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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State: closed Help

Hi, Would it be possible to add Export & Import XML to the command line options. We are happy to pay for this feature. Great software. Many thanks
It should aready work, check the command line parameters: 15) -swf2xml <infile> <outfile> ...Converts the <infile> SWF to <outfile> XML file 16) -xml2swf <infile> <outfile> ...Converts the <infile> XML to <outfile> SWF file JPEXS, the online command line help is very old, maybe it should be updated.
State: new→upgraded
Online commandline help updated to match latest stable (8.0.1).
great thanks, I should have looked at -h I've come across another problem when importing an XML which uses defined fonts works fine on the GUI I suppose because the SWF with the fonts embeded is open but doesn't work from the command line as ffdec has no access to the defined font. Do you know if there is a work around for this? Many thanks
I not really understand what you want, what is not working. Could you please attach example files, specify the steps you make in the Gui, and the command line parameters which is not working.
Hi Honfika, Please find original swf, xml and new swf which has been created from : /usr/bin/ffdec -xml2swf original.xml new.swf In the new.swf, any font's of type DefineFont3Tag do not show in the resulting movie clip but type DefineFontNameTag do show. My goal is to beable to automate the replacement of text and images in digital adverts. Many thanks Richard
Downloadoriginal.swf (45 KiB)Downloadoriginal.xml (914 KiB)Downloadnew.swf (44 KiB)
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Title: Add Export and Import XML to command line options→SWF is not the same after exporting to XML then importing back to SWF
Type: feature→bug
Please try the latest nightly.
State: opened→upgraded
WOW! unbelievable service... dontation coming your way! I'd also be interested in and happy to pay for a solution that dynamically fit's text in objects eithier by injecting action script or any other way you can think of. Many thanks again
Hi honfika, The donate button doesn't appear to work, can you send me the paypal donation email address? Thanks Richard
Hmm, there was a donation 3 days ago... JPEXS?
What do you mean by "doesn't work"? And which button? We have more than one place with paypal button. One for example on the bottom of left menu. And the second on "Help us" page. It looks okay to me. At least it redirects to Paypal. Or what exactly does not work here? Thanks. The email for donations is, but PLEASE use the button instead manual sending. If it does not work, we need to fix it as soon as possible.
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