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#1252 Is it possible to create a new method?
Author: user rogal
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Type: question
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I would like to add a new method to the existing AS3 SWF. The p-code below creates an empty public static method: trait method Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"testMethod") dispid 3 method name null returns Qname(PackageNamespace(""),"void") body maxstack 5 localcount 7 initscopedepth 8 maxscopedepth 9 code getlocal_0 pushscope pushnan newfunction 6500 pop returnvoid Now I can paste this code just below existing method p-code, but as the result old method gets its header replaced by new code, with body unchanged. I can also remove old code and paste the new one. The result is a new method, but I lost old one. It would also be helpful if I knew what is the purpose of "dispid" instruction. Also I would like to thank you, Mr. Jindra and other developers for creating this amazing software. I've tried many flash decompilers, but this one is definitely the best. Good work, keep going!
From Adobe's documentation (you can find the link to this documentation in the links page, The disp_id field is a compiler assigned integer that is used by the AVM2 to optimize the resolution of virtual function calls. An overridden method must have the same disp_id as that of the method in the base class. A value of zero disables this optimization.
Thank you, however I need to create a new method, not override existing one. Is this possible?
Ok, I answered only to this question: "It would also be helpful if I knew what is the purpose of "dispid" instruction." As far as I know, currently it is not possible, only with direct editation.