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#126 Rename identifiers issues
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3Deobfuscation
State: ignored Help

Please, try to run Rename identifiers command on the attached file. It shows a message about 2 nmaes were changed, but I found only one change: public var mсMission:bu1_a1; was changed to the public var vud:bu1_a1; for the some reason.. it doesn't look obfuscated at all actually...
Downloadgui.swf (422 KiB)
oh, forgot to mention that change was made in the rge.ui.exteral.TopPanel class.
The "с" character in mсMission is not standard latin c, but it is "Cyrillic small letter es", U+0441. Algorithm detects this as invalid, because it checks for english alphabet letters only. I thought this is enough. Or is there any official list which characters are valid for identifiers?
State: new→opened
Ah, lol, looks like some russian developer typed russian S letter (С) instead if latin C - they looks similar and hard to distinguish in the code or in the FlashPro IDE. This is right behavior then, sorry.
State: opened→ignored