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#1276 Making local variables to toggle
Author: user capasha
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Type: question
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State: new Help

I use local variables. I have tried this on other variables and it should toggle. But when I do it on local variables it wont work. If anyone could tell me how to do it. I would be good. Right now I have added a local variable: pushfalse setlocal 14 I Also changed localcount to understand it have new local variables. In the code where i press on a button I use this code, which work on other variables. getlocal 14 not setlocal 14 It will only set to true. When i click again on the hotkey it's still true.
I tried this one too. Still only toggle to true. getlocal 14 iffalse ofs1 pushfalse convert_b setlocal 14 jump ofs2 ofs1:pushtrue convert_b setlocal 14 ofs2:
I found out that the variable that sets to false on start, also sets to false always because of a timer in the code. So It wont work.
Then zou should change it in the timer, too