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#1282 how to replace music and images in a flash?
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i was told in the guestbook there was a replace button below the sound and pictures to do just that but i cant find it anywhere.
1) to replace image - make sure you are looking under the images section and not for example shapes - make sure you select one image tag from the tree you want to replace - there is "Replace" button under the image - there might be also secondary button for replacing alpha channel on some tags - you may also use right click on the image tag to show context menu and use "Replace" command in it 2) to replace sound - I thought we have got "Replace" button there too, I don't see it now, but... - There right click context menu with "Replace" command See attached screenshots
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the replace option is there for the pictures, but not for the sound, not on the screen or on the right click menu. alternately, is it possible to directly add sound to flashes with this software?
Is this sound in the sound "folder" in the tree, or for example it is on a Button? Could you please attach your swf?
Is the sound called "DefineSound"? Or something else? I think when it's streamed sound, we can't replace it. Maybe this is the case. Please attach your SWF or at least screenshot of your SWF tree.
heres the swf
I don't see it here. Are you sure you attached it correctly? (Add file button) Or there might be a bug in issue tracker.