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#1287 Get rid of Unidentified Developer Status
Author: user MasterWex
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Type: feature
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I would like to use JPEXS at school on the Macs but I can't run JPEXS because it says the application is from an unidentified developer. Can you identify yourselves lol? Thanks a lot, Wex
Please check this article, it explains you how to open applications from unidentified developers:
It all boils down to that you need to be an administrator to do that and school bureaucracy takes forever in allowing new software to be accepted/installed. So can you please find a workaround?
Get a better admin.
To be "identified developer" we need to Join Apple Developers program which costs 99$ per year. Also probably then we need to distrubute the decompiler via App store where somebody from Apple will review our App and can decide to not publish it at all (because somebody may not like it). Our decompiler is completely free and opensource. I don't want to pay anybody for publishing my TOTALLY FREE software. Please contact Apple and tell them this policy is tottaly bullshit. Or tell your school that they need my software. I think you have better changes with that than convice Apple to do something for free. Or you can send me 99$ every year and then I will pay it.
Maybe workaroud: (?) The application is de-facto ZIP file. If you can somehow extract in on your Mac, then I guess you can run Or download classic ZIPped version of FFDec (No Mac specific) and then run "" there.
Okay I will try that tomorrow. And thanks for reminding me about the Apple BS.
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