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#1288 Flash Player Path
Author: user Gigabait
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Type: question
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"Flash player project path" Where is my path of Flash Player? or how to get Flash Player path ? Path is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash" ??
Do you mean " 1) Flash Player projector path" in Advanced settings / Paths? It's "projector", not "project". Flash player projector is executable file - standalone flash player - which can run SWF file in it's own window. We use it for "Run" action in the top toolbar. On the Advanced settings / Paths page, there's "Tip" on the bottom which will point you to correct location where to download these. There's link to On that page, you must download files exactly named as on Advanced settings / Paths page. For example for downloading "1) Flash player projector", you must use download link named "Download the Flash Player projector" on that Adobe page. We named the configuration same as on that webpage, so it should be pretty clear which files to download. You just download the EXE file and then enter path to your downloaded EXE file in that field in advanced settings.
"Do you mean " 1) Flash Player projector path" in Advanced settings / Paths?" Yea , thank you very much.
Ok, you're welcome.
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