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#1291 Is it possible to move or rearrange image, button etc.?
Author: user abbulssa
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Type: question
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State: new Help

Is it possible to move or rearrange image, button etc.? I left frame list, and Tools Timeline.. but I can't. Please tell me.. if possibel..
Hi, unfortunately Timeline Tool is readonly. You can move image/button on the screen by manually modifying of the placement matrix. Placement matrix is part if PlaceObject tags. You can find these in the tree in "frames/frame x/PlaceObjectX". Just select the PlaceObject tag and you should see parameters on the right side. Press edit and in the tree, go to matrix item. It has subitems like translateX, translateY. It also has scale and rotate - you must check "hasScale" or "hasRotate" checkbox. It is pretty hard to do this manually, but unfortunately, there's no other support in our decompiler to do so. Maybe we could implement a bit better support (for example on Timeline tool), but it is hard for us because it's UI (or UX) thing and we are not UX designers, I don't have any experience with implementing shapes editation or manipulating matrices with mouse.