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#1292 How to add Your Own Variables to a class
Author: user Xploit
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Type: question
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So I've used FFDec for a few years now.. Its always been great but recently its been breaking Swf's alot.. Luckily ive gotten into hex editing.. But right now im in a pretty tough spot... I Need to add my own variables without using the Actionscript source editor built into FFDec... As it keeps breaking the flash files what i need is to add a public variable to a class but the P-Code editor wont allow that i believe..? i think it only supports changing them not adding them.. So what i'm asking is how would i go about doing this? will i be able to do it in FFDec or will i need to use another method?
You probably mean ActionScript3 classes, don't you? There is small button with icon called "add trait" on the top of central ActionScript editor. If you press it, new trait should be added, it should work relatively easy without breaking anything (=definitely more reliable than editing whole class) Trait = method or const or var field on the class. Warning: There's no delete trait button (as far as I remember) Editing ActionScript of whole class (we call it "Direct Editing") has many bugs, we know it. You can't expect us to make same quality compiler as Adobe did. We tried a lot and improving when we find something. In nightly build, we added support for compiling with Flex SDK, but there are other problems with it to solve - we need to properly integrate it and force it to support obfuscated identifiers (I have an idea how to do it) On the other side - I think for example ActionScript1/2 direct editation is working pretty well - it's much more reliable than AS3. AS3 and it's bytecode format is way more complex, that's why it's not good in FFDec.
Yeah i just figured that out a few days after this post , But yeah the AS2 Editor is pretty great , I Still cant find a good AS2 IDE since FlashDevelop removed the option for it and cant find the Plugin anywhere.. But yeah i understand its hard to perfect the AS3 editor , im still having trouble understanding how to write my own bytecode so i usually just make a change in the direct editor and copy the bytecode for my change then reload the SWF and modify the bytecode
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