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#1293 Is it possible to replace movie clip?
Author: user abbulssa
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Type: question
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Is it possible to replace movie clip? I modified movie clip in Adobe Flash. I'd like to change old movie clip into new. To import and replace in FFdec, what kind of file format do I save? And Please tell me the way to replace movieClip. Thanks.
It is possible, but pretty hard way: 1) SWF file a.swf is your file to be edited, where a movie clip is stored - it is stored as DefineSprite 2) Creafe file b.swf with your favorite flash editor and insert(draw) new movieclip in there 3) Open a.swf and b.swf in FFDec 4) You can move tags and dependencies from one SWF file to another. So right click DefineSprite in b.swf to be moved to a.swf and in the menu - select "Move with dependencies" and selet a.swf in there. 5) That DefineSprite will be moved with different character id (the number in parenthesis) 6) Now a.swf contains original DefineSprite and the second one DefineSprite. 7) Original DefineSprite has a character id. This character id is used in other tags as well as in frames, etc., wherever this DefineSprite is used. You need to set up DefineSprite which was moved in step 5) to a.swf so that it has character id of original DefineSprite 8) Right click DefineSprite from step 5) in a.swf and Select Raw Edit. Use edit button and change character id to the original DefineSprite character id. 9) Same way you edit the original DefineSprite and change character id to a large value which does not conflict with others. 10) Now you can safely delete the original DefineSprite. Right click it and there's Remove action or something like that. It's not very user friendly. We could do a replace menu item in addition to Move and Copy....