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#1296 How can one see the fully qualified class and package names?
Author: user vorta4
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Warning: extreme newbie question When I try to use the as3hx haxe tool to translate actionscripts output from ffdec to haxe, it gives me an error such as "Unexpected on" when trying to translate the script. I assume this is because of the absence of package and class declarations in the actionscript, but how can I get these in ffdec? Is it even possible? Am I even asking this in the right place?
Could you please provide sample (decompiled) ActionScript file which you tried to convert? And please tell us whole "Unexpected on" message including line. I don't know how as3hx tool works and details about haxe, but if there's bug in the decompiled AS, we need to fix our decompiler - that's job for us. If we find that the AS code coming from FFDec is correct, then we can't do more. I already found some specific Haxe code in SWF files. There is for example the "cast" command, which FFDec decompiles as §§push/§§pop commands, which then cannot be compiled back by other compilers than FFDec (including haxe). If you see some § characters anywhere in the code, it will mean that it can't be compiled outside of FFDec and thus even in as3hx...
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Yes, I did see '§' characters in the file. What does this mean and how can I extract action script with package and class declarations in it?
See FAQ: 13-16. We can talk about supporting haxe "cast" feature in FFDec in the future. This usually uses push/pop. If it's related to other haxe SWF features, we can't help you. If it's because invalid identifier then you can rename those identifiers.
I would just like to see the package and class headers, along with the fully qualified class names, as they are in the attached snippet, because this seems to be what as3hx takes as input. I apologize for any misunderstanding and please pardon my ignorance.
Attached is the file that causes the error. Please note that it does not contain the "package" statements and "class" declarations. I believe the absence of these is what is causing the error, although I may be misinterpreting something.
The file you attached ( looks like ActionScript1/2 event handler. I think haxe requires ActionScript3. If you are not experienced in Flash - ActionScript3 is new version of scripting in SWF files which provides many new functionality regarding Object programming. I bet Haxe requires ActionScript3 files. This is the reason your file does not work - you are trying to convert AS1/2 file.
Thank you.
You're welcome :-).
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