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#1297 I'd like to insert actionscript.
Author: user abbulssa
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Type: question
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I'd like to insert actionscript. But the frame has no actionscript. How can I insert action frame?
New frames are created with ShowFrame tags in SWF file. Unfortunately, I think there's no support for adding these - to create new frames or just inserting new ActionScripts. FFDec can edit existing scripts. Adding new scripts is not currently possible. (Both AS1/2 and AS3) I think it would be good to add such support, but it's a lot things to do - Especially solve how to handle it in GUI.
(Edit: Sorry for posting two same messages)
If so.. is there any way to jump to another frame? I want to insert action script "gotoAndPlay(1234)" into frame 100 that doesn't have any action script.