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#13, for difference
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Type: bug
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source code : var dic : Dictionary ; var item : Object ; for ( item in Dictionary ) { ... } for each ( item in Dictionary ) { ... } we can determine it by the instructions "nextname" & "nextvalue" ( nextname for traversal keys & nextvalue for traversal values ) here is my solution 1. add a static variable ( public static Stack<Boolean> isForEachKey ;) 2. when translate the instruction "nextname" ( NextNameIns ) ,push true value in this stack , & push false value when dealing with "nextvalue" 3. add two new class ( EachKeyTreeItem & EachValueTreeItem inherit EachTreeItem ) & overwrite function toString(ConstantPool constants) 4. output.add(new ForEachTreeItem(ins, currentLoop.loopBreak, currentLoop.loopContinue, isForEachKey.pop() ? new EachKeyTreeItem(each) : new EachValueTreeItem(each), loopBody));
Hi, sorry for answering too late. I made some changes to the code - version 1.0.0 is available. This problem should be fixed.
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Title:, for difference→, for difference
Type: →bug
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