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#1305 IGGY File Format - fonts, etc.
Author: user michalss
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Type: feature
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Labels: Iggy
State: opened Help

Hi, Today a new game was released call Dishonored 2 and we cannot edit fonts because it uses some strange format of scaleform call iggy. Can you please have a look at this, coz this is the dead end for millions of ppl who want to localize this game. IGGY files :!i15SkTTA!_eTEBEnqhdwO-v9Qu2xX7e__ok2ircp3Jdufo_EBFms EXTRACTED HEADER FILE: Please have a look if there is something you can help us. If you help it will make really many countries happy :) BTW: I allready wrote Jindra to ICQ, no response yet, just for info... Thx Michal
sending also files in here
Downloadui.rar (16,565 KiB)
Where is the attached lib_loc_english_font_165C4Ah_1295h.swf file from? Do you have any idea how to parse the iggy file format? Is therea any documentation?
lib_loc_english_font_165C4Ah_1295h.swf is cutted from iggy file, it should be header and you can find it on end of the iggy file. Well if i would know how to parse it, i would do it on my own :). There is not really much documentation about iggy, coz custom format from company radgames tool im afraid. Some info can be found here:
For ScaleForm GFX format: I downloaded its documentation earlier from torrents from some leaks. That's why we know how it works. I just rewrote it to Java. I guess IGGY should be similar, just with different header, compresssion or set of tags. I hope this info helps.
Is it then possible pleae? Or is there at least some light in the end of the tunnel ? :) Thx
If it's really SWF based, then there are tags somewhere inside the binary file. Those tags may or may not be similar to tags in SWF or GFX files. I will investigate later.
another iggy examples
Downloadui.rar (47,438 KiB)
Current nightly (should be 1574) can load Iggy files and show fonts inside them. It is currently read only. But you should be able to export the font to TTF. (I hope it will convert okay, but you should rather check it). Font modification will be added later, probably next week or later. There are also few Texts inside the iggy files, but since we have no specs, it's hard to determine - it should be similar to DefineEditText SWF tag. But the font should be enough for you. But rather check it, I might missed out something.
State: new→opened
Title: IGGY Format Urget pls HELP→IGGY File Format - fonts, etc.
developer (from the first comment) attached (429 KiB)
Where are the iggytex files from? I checked an another game which contains iggy + iggytex (Dragonball Xenoverse), but that iggytex has a 256byte header which contains the size of the image. Are you sure that the attached files are the original files from the game?
To honfika: We communicate a bit through ICQ about this issue and it looks like iggy editing is not working yet - only partial. I will continue to fix it later. I didn't found any related parts about iggytex files in the iggy file.
In the zip are all iggy related files from Dishonored 2. I am trying to extract sprites from them but am having trouble, could you please take another look? When a sub file is kind 3 there is always a string included, looks like parts of a script maybe? And kind 1 or 4 could contain info about the iggytex file
Downloaddishonored (79,526 KiB)