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#1307 Add support swf files with lzma compression.
Author: user ra2fat
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: LZMA
State: closed Help

I can't open swf files with lzma compression with your decompiler, altho i can open the same files with velocity9. How do i solve this issue? The problem is velocity9 is just an open source swf inspector and can't edit/export resources.
Downloadassets.swf (750 KiB)
What is the problem? I can open the attached file without any problem.
That's weird. I tried a million times yesterday to open it with jpexs and with many other swf decompilers and it didn't work. However it seems to work now. Thank you :) @honfika
Ok, then I close this issue. Btw: LZMA compression is supported since 2012. 5edaf0 It was already included in version 1.0.0
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