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#1319 Recompiled FFdec.deb Packacked Worked for Solve Dependency Problem
Author: user Random
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Sorry I've clicked on Insert and Posted for Error without Descprition: My Problem Was That When Installing FF.deb Package say Dependency Oracle Java 8 wasn't Installed yet i'd installed. So I Just Worked Around and Solved It and just want post you for Let You Know. I've Simple Modified ffdec.deb Dependency Package In This Simply Step: #mkdir temp-deb #cp ffdec.deb temp-deb #dpkg-deb -x ffdec_9.0.0.deb ffdec-repackaged #cd ffdec-repkaged #dpkg-deb -e ../ffdec_9.0.0.deb #nano DEBIAN/control (Now Replacing at Voice Dependency: openjdk-8-jre than Save and Exit) #cd .. #dpkg-deb -b ffdec-repackaged and now installing new ffdec file #dpkg -i ffdec-repackaged.deb Work-Around going Well, I've no Problem, Opening Normally and all Function is active. I'll let you know if come up against problems yet for now i repeat "all work well". Ty Random
I think we already fixed this earlier - in the issue #1274. If you download nightly build, it should work with openjdk.
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