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#1321 No obfuscation, Broken code?
Author: user Xploit
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: new Help

Hello, I am pretty sure im playing with an AS2 file right now.. but im running into problems on one of the DoAction scripts.. it has these little red texts [§§pop, §§enumerate, §§goto] , Whenever i find these, i run into problems all over the script with errors that shouldn't even come up , the code isnt obfuscated from what i can see i even turned off Auto-Deobb, and it still looked the same.. so guessing no obfuscation just broken code? i can supply the flash file if needed, i am using FFDec v.9.0.0 Any help is appreciated on to how i can either fix, bypass or any information on future updates as well..
DownloadCapture.PNG (6 KiB)DownloadCaptusre.PNG (12 KiB)
This is probably a decompilation problem in FFDec. If you attach the SWF, we can fix it later. You can try to edit the code in the right P-Code area, it is more robust.